Remember that saying ‘less is more’? Well, if 2020 weddings taught us anything, it’s that this statement is 100% true! While COVID-19 mostly sucked, the trend towards small, intimate weddings has made us gush over and over again. So, if you’re considering a smaller wedding, here are five things to make it absolutely unforgettable.

The Venue

With less people on the guest list, your venue options basically triple. Which means that you can find a great venue that has exactly the vibe you are looking for. What’s great about smaller, more unique venues is that it reduces the amount of décor items you actually need to buy. May we suggest your favourite restaurant or a family cottage? Maybe a picnic in a vineyard, or a cocktail reception in an underground speak-easy. The possibilities are endless!

Small Wedding

Photos Courtesy of John + Samantha

The Food

When feeding less people, it allows the chef more creative freedom when creating your menu. Wedding guests always say that good food is the key to a memorable wedding. So here is your chance to ‘wow’ your guests! You may not want to have an oyster bar for 200 people, but oysters for 25 seems reasonable!
When creating your menu you have the opportunity to get really unique and custom to your likes and dislikes. Rather than being limited by a banquet hall menu, you can create a menu that will make your guests’ mouths water when they remember your wedding!

The Drinks

With larger weddings, you are often limited to bar rail and simple mixes both because of sheer volume and budget. However, with a more intimate celebration, you can have a few custom cocktails available for your guests, or, give your guests an amazing experience with a Scotch tasting! Chat with your venue’s mixologist to come up with some fun cocktails featuring your favourite spirits!


Giving your guests things to do during the reception – especially if you aren’t dancing– is key! Think about cigar rollers, board games, or even video games! These are unique ways to ensure that your guests will remember your wedding for years to come! Does your wedding fall on the same night as a big game? Throw it on in a secluded area of the venue (sports fans will thank you!). Really, the world is your oyster!


Having a smaller, more intimate wedding means that you can make your entertainment a key part of your reception. Whether you have an acoustic guitarist, or performers, this is a great way to keep your guests entertained.

What’s great about smaller, more intimate weddings is that you have a lot more opportunity to make the day a reflection of you as a couple. We suggest hitting up Pinterest and letting your imagination run wild!