Mother’s day is coming up and so you may be thinking about the best way to include your mom in your wedding. Depending on your relationship and format of your wedding, the level of involvement you’ll want her to have will vary. Even if your relationship isn’t the closest, you’ll likely still want to have her involved in some way or another. To help you figure out how you want to honour mom, we’ve rounded up several ways you can make her a part of the day while still honouring yourself. 

If you and your mom are super close…

Ask her to be your Witness:
While this is usually reserved for your Maid of Honour and Best Man if you want to make your mom a bigger part of your wedding, have her act as your witness. This is a great way to involve your mom in the ceremony itself so you can both have that memory you can cherish forever.

Ask her to walk you down the aisle:
If you and your mom are also best friends, you can get her more involved in your wedding by asking her to walk you down the aisle. Whether she joins your dad or is your sole attendant, it’s a great way to make her front and centre on your wedding day. 

6 ways to include your mom in your wedding, 1

Photo Credit: Lori Waltenbury

If you and your mom aren’t the closest…

Share family recipes:
If you and your mom aren’t on the best of terms but your mom is looking to be more involved, you can always dig into nostalgia for a way to keep her connected at an arm’s length. If there was a favourite recipe you used to make or shared, incorporate this into your wedding. Ask her to make a batch for your dessert table or prepare and print recipe cards that can be left at the dessert table on your big day so she can feel acknowledged.

Gift her matching jewelry:
If your mom is invited to your wedding but you don’t have the greatest relationship with her, you may not know how to acknowledge her publicly. A great way to make her feel included is to gift her matching jewelry. This is a subtle yet special way you and your mom can be connected without your relationship (and its complications) being front and centre on your wedding day.

6 ways to include your mom in your wedding, 2

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If your mom has passed on… 

Carry her with you:
While you may have dreamt about your wedding day with your mom, there are sometimes other plans. A lovely way to remember your mom if she is no longer with us is to carry her with you. Whether it’s on your bouquet, or in a locket, there are plenty of ways you can carry a special piece of her with you throughout your special day. You will be able to feel close to her all day and she will be in your photos as well. 

Wear (part of) her dress:
Another way to make your mom a part of your wedding is to incorporate her dress into your day. You may want to wear her dress, but if not, there are still ways to involve her. Have your veil trimmed with pieces of her dress, or have a garter fashioned out of a sleeve. This is a special way to include her and keep her memory alive. 

Before you make any final decisions, make sure the way that you are involving your mom to a degree that feels right to you and something that you will be happy within the years to come.