One of the most exciting parts of wedding planning is shopping for your dress. While every bride’s journey is unique, there are few things that every bride must keep in mind when shopping for their dress.

You Might Hate Your Dream Dress

That dream Vera Wang you saw Kate Hudson wear in Bride Wars, might actually be a nightmare once you try it on. Just as similarly, a silhouette that you previously thought would never fit you might end up being the best thing for your shape! Go into your appointment with an open mind and be willing to try things you normally wouldn’t, you might be surprised what you end up with.

The Sizes Are Weird

With bridal sizing, the numbers are all over the place depending on style, material, and the designer. In street clothes, you may be a 6 or 8, but in bridal you might be a 24. The only person who should be paying attention to the numbers is the consultant and the designer, so they know which size to make… other than that, the numbers don’t mean much.

dress shopping

Your Mom Might Not Like Your Favourite

You’re in the change room on the verge of tears because you’ve found your dream dress, but when you step out to show your entourage, your mother is less than excited. At the end of the day, you may have differing styles and that’s okay – go with the dress you love.

Set a Budget

A less than fun aspect to dress shopping is making sure you stick to your budget. Decide ahead of time how much you’re willing to spend. This way, the consultant won’t (or shouldn’t) show you anything out of your price range and you avoid falling in love with a dress you can’t have.

Less is More

Avoid trying on so many dresses that you get overwhelmed and can’t decide on one. If you find the dress, trust your gut and commit. Then stop looking. There is no point in causing yourself doubt if you’ve already found a dress you love.

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Allow Ample Time to Get it

In most cases, you won’t be able to walk into a bridal salon and walk out with a new dress. That’s because dresses are often made to order, so you will need to allow time for your dress to be made. You should start dress shopping about a year before your wedding date.

Try Not to Lose/Gain Too Much Weight

It is tempting to try and lose as much weight as possible before the wedding day. While this is completely unnecessary to begin with, there is a practical reason to not losing too much weight. If you go down too many sizes, the dress you ordered may not fit correctly. Dresses are designed to need minor alterations, not to be completely overhauled once they are made!

There you have i t– some of the most important things to keep in mind when you start looking for your dress. Enjoy the process and happy planning!