Toronto’s Most Popular Live Bands on EventSource

Any great event is the sum of all of its parts: the gorgeous venue, the delicious food, the fabulous decor, and of course, the live music! Not only can the perfect tunes set the tone for your event, they can make all the difference between a dry ordeal or sizzling and dynamic soirée! Lucky for […]


14 Awesome Toronto Music Bands For Your Upcoming Wedding or Event

There’s something quite amazing about live music at an event – the interaction with crowd, the warmth of a live vocal performance, the way you simply just get drawn to the dance floor by a great cover song from your high school days. For some, the idea of a wedding or corporate event band conjures […]


22 Awesome Entertainment Ideas to Take Your Event to the Next Level

Throwing an event is one thing. Throwing a fantastic event that delivers an amazing guest experience is a whole other story! All the elements that lead to some of the best events you’ve ever attended are often the result of multiple interacting elements far greater than the sum of their parts. Fabulous decor, food, and […]


15 Entertainment Ideas Guaranteed To ‘Wow’ Your Guests

Your next event is fast approaching – you’ve found the venue, selected the perfect menu, and you know the decor is going to look fabulous – in short, your event is destined to be the talk of the town, right? Not so fast, what about entertainment for your guests? Let’s avoid the snooze-fest. We’ve got so many fun, entertainment options […]


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