Valentine’s Day is upon us once again, and this year we wanted to celebrate this love-filled day by showcasing some epic moments of passion! Whether it comes out in tears or pure elation, we are most passionate when we are overwhelmed by strong, uncontrollable emotion – and it is this raw emotion that lives on in the memories of married couples for the rest of their lives (even if their memory about small details of their wedding day gets hazy). These powerful moments tend to be fleeting but with a talented photographer behind the lens, these moments can be memorialized in physical form. Scroll on to see what real passion looks like – as captured by some of city’s most talented photographers!

Diego and Liza Photography

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“Every time we look at this photo, it brings back all the feels from this special ceremony. Our couple dreamed of getting married on top of Whistler Mountain and didn’t let anything stand in their way of achieving this dream. In this moment during the ceremony, our groom was overwhelmed with emotion and struggled to hold back tears as they finished reading their vows. They were both just so excited to marry each other, and to have done it exactly as they always envisioned. We absolutely love the intensity of the hug – you can really feel its strength and warmth. And the officiant leaning in with a tissue, without interrupting the couple’s embrace, gives more context to the moment and is what makes the photo complete and so powerful.”

– Liza, Diego Moura Photography

Tara McMullen Photography


“I LOVE this image taken in the Crystal Ballroom at The Omni King Edward Hotel! Jay had just turned around to see his gorgeous bride, Katherine, for the first time. The way he clutched his heart and almost looks unsteady on his feet just explodes my heart. This is pure romance!”

– Tara, Tara McMullen Photography

Rhythm Photography


“Madly, deeply in love is the perfect description for these two! From the cute smiles they exchange with one another to the way they passionately look at each other, everything about them speaks romance! Their sparkler first dance at Bayview Golf & Country Club perfectly sums up their beautiful wedding day: ridiculously romantic, tear-jerking and mega fun!”

– Anita, Rhythm Photography

Bows & Lavender


“Elisabetta & Kristopher were all kinds of that sweet, ass-grabbin’ love throughout the whole day throughout their wedding. In this moment however, just seconds after their reveal, they opted for a very quiet, pensive and intimate bond. They held onto one another so tight. It’s the kind of embrace that when a photographer sees and feels it, she knows not to interrupt or intrude. In this moment, the light was hitting these two almost imperfectly perfect. It illuminated the important angles that generally evoke emotion. Their faces weren’t shown, they weren’t looking lovingly at each other. But in this case, I feel their love and the vibe of their intensity so very well. Quiet, pensive & intimate.”

– Jessy, Bows & Lavender

Purple Tree Wedding Photography


“On Emily and Tony’s wedding day, one of the most emotional moments for Tony was seeing Emily for the first time in her dress. Right after seeing her, Emily was there, perfectly calm, to wipe away his tears of joy and overwhelment.”

– Svetlana, Purple Tree Wedding Photography

Lori Waltenbury


“Ever since my dad beat stage 4 cancer a couple of years ago, moments with fathers have always touched me deeply. I didn’t even try to contain my emotion here, I was fully sobbing behind my camera. I love engaging wholeheartedly in these sacred moments.”

– Lori, Lori Waltenbury

Brandon Scott Photography


“Matt and Lindsay have been together for 10 years, so anticipation and emotions were running high the morning they would see each other on their wedding day. Lindsay walked up a quiet empty street downtown Toronto where Matt was waiting. When he turned around and saw her he couldn’t hold back his emotions anymore. A moment they were dreaming of for so long.”

– Brandon, Brandon Scott Photography

Simply Lace Photography


“This is one of my absolute favourite reaction photos of the groom during a first look. Trevor was in awe of how gorgeous and sexy Callie looked that he couldn’t contain himself so he had to just give her cheeks a little grab. Too cute for words. I imagine them sharing a few laughs over this moment years to come. Stay young and in love guys.”

– Bruna, Simply Lace Photography

Luminous Weddings


“Racquel and Marco had the most gorgeous wedding highlighted by combining their Jewish and Italian traditions. This image made at the end of the entrance dance that turned into the most amazing hora. Their energy was electric all night but it really comes through surrounded by all their family and friends.”

– Ryan, Luminous Weddings

Olive Photography


“The first dance. It’s a crazy thing because all eyes are on you two and you’re the center of attention but you are in your own world, feeling connected and the realness of your newly married status. It’s beautiful. A chance to be close to one another on such a full and busy day, taking each other and the moment in. I love how Nerissa wrapped her arms around Neil in such a close embrace. Though all eyes were on them, this moment is so intimate and full of love.”

– Anastasia, Olive Photography

Fox Photography

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“I personally love this image because it shows love is shown in many different identities, even if there isn’t much visibility in the mainstream wedding industry to show this – for this couple they have learned to embrace both their queer and their south Asian identities which they mentioned had not been easy growing up.”

– Michelle, Fox Photography

Toronto Wedding Studios


“I absolutely adore this photograph of Iftu and Q. You can just see the affection and tenderness between them. It’s the gentle touch and the subtle smile on their lips that reveal the electrifying love they have for each other. Their mastery of living in the present moment was truly inspiring!”

– Rudo, Toronto Wedding Studios

Alix Gould Photography

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“There’s something so romantic about real moments. Surrounded by about 200 sparklers, Brady and Nimati shared their first dance under the stars at Graydon Hall. A big cheer went up in the crown as he lifted his bride into the air! Pure magic.”

– Alix, Alix Gould Photography