There’s something so cozy and sweet about a fall wedding. From the crisp air to the gorgeous colours to PSL everything, autumn nuptials are just so darn lovely. One of the best parts about having a fall wedding is taking advantage of its seasonal colour palette. After all, it’s one of the brightest times of the year. Having a colour palette for your wedding is one of the easiest ways to coordinate your big day. From the wedding invitations to the tablescapes to floral arrangements, your chosen wedding palette will show up throughout your nuptials. If you’re having a fall wedding, you might think that you need to stay true to the familiar hues of deep red, orange, and golds. While you certainly can stick to those gorgeous colours, you and your florist can also play with different fall wedding colour schemes.

Below, you’ll find seasonal fall wedding colour scheme ideas that perfectly fit the season. Whether you’re having a traditional indoor wedding or a rustic outdoor wedding, these fall wedding colour scheme ideas will fit any and every style. You’ll definitely ‘fall’ in love with them.

1. Pumpkin Orange, Caramel, and Cream

This one is for all of the PSL lovers out there! If you’re a person that loves a nice Pumpkin Spice Latte (and who doesn’t) plus someone who embraces the traditional feel of autumn, then this colour scheme is for you. It’s the coziest-yet-chic type of vibe that you could create for your wedding day.

Fall Wedding Colour Schemes that will make you SWOON!

2. Black, Deep Red, Purple, and Silver

If you’re someone who’s a big fan of Halloween and wants to infuse a little goth into your big day, you’ll definitely want to use this sophisticated and intense colour scheme. It’s got all the making of something mysterious while also adding a bit of va-va-voom.

3. Muted Neutrals

Neutrals, like beige, brown, grey, cream, and grey, are every boho lover’s dream. These colours match rustic elements and are great for a simple and laidback wedding, creating that natural look that’s synonymous with this time of year.

Fall Wedding Colour Schemes that will make you SWOON!

4. Emerald Green, Dark Purple, and Burgundy

The colder weather is the perfect time to bring out deep hues, like jewel tones. This palette instantly elevates your wedding to “elegant” status while also seamlessly bridging bright summer colours, making it a great combo to use in September.

Fall Wedding Colour Schemes that will make you SWOON!

5. Gold, Yellow, and Cream

Looking to add a little bling to your big day but in an understated way? This bright colour combination is a perfect choice for those who want to add a little pop to their wedding while celebrating the happiest colours of the season.

Fall Wedding Colour Schemes that will make you SWOON!

6. Black and White

What do black and white have to do with autumn? Well, maybe not in an obvious but these are two colours that scream timeless sophistication. Plus, if you were longing for a black-tie affair for your big day, the cool autumn weather is one of the best times to make that happen.

Fall Wedding Colour Schemes that will make you SWOON!

7.  Emerald Green, Gold, and White

If your fall wedding is closer to winter- as in late November and early December, you can get a jump on those wintery vibes by incorporating these lush colours. It emanates a chic regal look that beautifully bridges the seasonal gap.

8. Orange, Pink, Cream and Purple

Shades of wildflowers are not just reserved for the spring and summer months. In fact, these colours, when mixed together, offer the prettiest shades of the season in the most feminine way. This is a fantastic vibe for boho and rustic weddings.

Fall Wedding Colour Schemes that will make you SWOON!

9. Deep Purple and Gold

If your wedding is going for that luxe vibe, then look no further than this colour scheme. Incorporating deep shades of purple (the colour of royalty, by the way) with gold is definitely one easy way to glam up your big day while sticking true to the season.

10. Red, Blush Pink, and Cream

This is a lovely colour combination that boasts a romantic feminine vibe that also encapsulates the richness of fall. It works well in everything from bouquets to tablescapes to stationary. It’s a wonderful combination that works for both traditional and more casually elegant weddings.

Fall Wedding Colour Schemes that will make you SWOON!