When you get engaged, one of the first questions people will ask is “have you set a date yet?” followed quickly by “oh, well you better book soon, or all the good dates will be gone!” Which, may be true, if you were planning on getting hitched on a Saturday or Sunday – but have you considered planning your wedding for a weekday? The benefits of having a weekday wedding may surprise you!

More Party for Less

Whether it’s lower prices or additional upgrades, many wedding venues and vendors offer special weekday packages. So, if you have your heart set on a venue or photographer that is currently out of your budget, maybe consider exploring their weekday options. Bonus, use the money you save to splurge a little on your honeymoon!

Wedding on a Weekday

Photo Courtesy of Alix Gould Photography

Weekday Weddings are More Intimate

Not looking to have a massive wedding? Cool. However, it can sometimes be difficult to pare down your guest list. Having a weekday wedding ensures that your fringe invitees are less likely to take a day off work to attend, and you don’t have to feel guilty about leaving them off the guest list.

So Many Choices(!)

Trying to have a summer wedding on Saturday can quickly turn into a competition to see who can book the best vendors before anyone else. Planning your wedding for a weekday opens up your options so you have a better chance of booking your number one choice for each line item. Just imagine every single one of your Pinterest dreams coming true… *swoons*

Flexible Vendor Timing on Your Big Day

Wedding vendors are typically booked solid during wedding season and usually have multiple weddings and events booked for the same day. However, they might just be less busy during the week, so booking your wedding on a weekday means that your vendors can focus all of their attention on providing the best service possible because you’re less likely to share the day with another client.

You Won’t Clash with Other Major Events

Whether it is a major sporting event or concert or simply a weekend getaway, weekday weddings allow your guests to enjoy your wedding and still be able to enjoy their precious weekends.

If you are still skeptical about having a weekday wedding, keep in mind that regardless of where it falls during the week, it’s going to be a special day. At the end of the day, you and your partner get to spend a magical day together that leads to the rest of your lives. If you’re looking for a way to save a little money and almost be guaranteed your vendors of choice consider having your big day, mid-week.