There’s a reason that summer weddings are so popular – the weather! Warmer temperatures and longer days mean that having your wedding outside is not only possible it’s almost preferable!

So, if you are planning to have an outdoor wedding, here are some things that you don’t want to leave off your list!


Regardless of the weather, having some sort of shelter should be priority number one on your list! Whether it’s sunny, or rainy, a tent will make sure your guests stay comfortable and happy. The versatility of tents is what makes them perfect for pretty much any venue, and for any level of formality. You can also accessorize your tent to suit your individual tastes or add practical items like heaters or fans.

Pro Tip: Make sure you have an indoor backup in place incase of heavy rain or winds – even the strongest tents can’t withstand inclement weather!

Outdoor Wedding

Photo Courtesy of Bows & Lavender


Lighting is one of the most important things to consider for your outdoor wedding. Too much and your guests will feel like they are dancing under flood lights, too little and your guests won’t be able to see their food! Opt for soft warm lighting inside your space to really set the mood.

Avoid Uninvited Guests

The last thing you need is a wasp nest disturbing your guests during dinner, or setting up on an ant hill. Your best bet is do a site sweep before the tent gets set up to make sure there are no unwanted pests. When visiting potential venues, be sure to ask if they have plans to check for these things before your event.

Pro Tip: Keep bugs at bay by having your site sprayed by an exterminator two days beforehand and placing citronella candles throughout the space.

Work with Mother Nature, not Against Her

While you can’t change the weather, you can still prepare for it! Depending on the time of year, you may find it helpful to provide your guests with items that will make their day and evening more enjoyable. If it’s particularly hot, provide parasols or fans. If you’re expecting a chilly evening, build a fire and have blankets available.

Get Creative with Food and Drink

The great thing about outdoor weddings is that you have a ton of room for creativity when it comes to food and drink! If it’s hot, provide your guests with a lemonade bar before the ceremony. Maybe you want to get creative for dinner and have a full clam boil – really the world is your oyster… or clam.

Provide the Necessities

Yes, we are talking about restrooms – and no, we don’t mean Port-a-Johns! These days, you can find luxury portable restrooms with amenities like in-room music, granite countertops and air conditioning or heaters depending on the season. Up your game and include luxe soap, fresh flowers and some incidentals for your guests.

Pro tip: The general rule of thumb is to have one bathroom or stall for every 35 guests. This way, guests will spend less time standing in line and more time partying on the dance floor.