You and your guests have spent an entire evening storming the dance floor and throwing back a few soda pops. With all those spent calories, there’s no doubt that everyone’s worked up quite the appetite! Enter the late night food station – one of the most fun (and memorable!) ways for you to inject some serious personality into your wedding menu and help keep the party moving!

If you’re working with a professional wedding caterer, the options are truly endless. Nothing’s off limits so why not unleash your inner foodaholic and incorporate a glorious, comfort-food-laden late night station that is guaranteed to keep guests happy!

Here’s a little inspiration from a handful of the city’s top caterers keen to share some of their most popular late night food stations with you.

Fried Chicken Waffle Cones

Late Night Food Stations

We pair two of our most heavenly comfort foods to create the ultimate late-night crowd-pleaser. We draw inspiration from the various cultures from within our kitchen by putting together waffle cones, fried chicken, ethnic gourmet flavours + garnishes. It’s the perfect sweet + savoury comfort food that sparks excitement and indulgences!

Photo of Brady MacDowell
Brady MacDowellExecutive Chef
Encore Catering


late night food stations guaranteed to wow your guests, 9

Our Chicken-n-Grits is the perfect late night station to keep the celebration going. This southern comfort food with loads of flavour can be made vegetarian using fried cauliflower and either version can be made gluten free so that everyone at your reception has something to enjoy as they dance the night away.

Photo of Karen O'Connor
Karen O'ConnorExecutive Chef
Daniel et Daniel Catering & Events

Fried Chicken Sliders

Late Night Food Stations

These buttermilk fried chicken sliders are part of our slider station, which is a popular late night option! Since they are bite-sized, guests can indulge without stopping the party!

Photo of Michael Robertson
Michael RobertsonChef
Oliver & Bonacini Events and Catering

Gourmet Pop Tart Station

late night food stations guaranteed to wow your guests, 10

On our late night menu, we've serve up strawberry, nutella and blueberry pop tarts dipped in icing, colourfully decorated and served in pastel wraps! This has proven time and time again to be a fun, late night treat!

Photo of Walter Vaz
Walter VazExecutive Chef
CaterTrendz Culinary Production

Vegetarian Enchiladas

late night food stations guaranteed to wow your guests, 11

We’ve found that enchiladas have been a popular late night food station to offer to our guests. The softness of the tortilla paired with the creamy filling and a spicy touch from the sauce creates a fun flavour and texture combination that guests love and just can’t resist!

Photo of René Kramer
René KramerExecutive Chef
en Ville Event Design and Catering

Late Night Dessert Table

late night food stations guaranteed to wow your guests, 12

The classic 'late night dessert table' is always a winner for satisfying your guests’ sweet tooth and adding a personal element based on your late night cravings. Recently, we designed a dessert table including childhood favourites such as Jelly Doughnuts, Rice Krispy Treats and Chocolate Cupcakes.

Photo of Jay Suppiah
Jay SuppiahExecutive Chef
Presidential Gourmet

Nacho Cheese Fountain

Late Night Food Stations

This 'cheesy' station was a huge hit at a summer pool party! Some of the delicious items that the guests could cover in this cheesy goodness were jalapeno poppers, pogos, breaded pretzels, fresh tortilla chips and much more! Guaranteed to be a hit late night option at your wedding/event!

Photo of Lauren Mozer
Lauren MozerFounder/Executive Chef
elle cuisine

Loaded Mashed Potato Martini Station

late night food stations guaranteed to wow your guests, 13

Our Loaded Mashed Potato Martini is a late-night nosh that never fails to please - it's one of our best sellers! We combine our famous recipe for creamy mashed Yukon Gold potatoes with an abundance of toppings and all of the conventional garnishes that you’d expect to see adorning a baked potato. No one leaves hungry and no one can forget this new-fashioned late-night temptation.

Photo of Fia Pagnello
Fia PagnelloCEO
Kiss the Cook Catering

S’mores Bar

late night food stations guaranteed to wow your guests, 14

Our S'mores bar consists of house made vanilla marshmallows which guests dip in milk and dark chocolate, then top with graham crackers and smashed Oreo cookies! There's something nostalgic about s'mores, and we find anything that reminds people of their childhood (grilled cheese, candy, etc) make great late night stations since guests can forget about being as prim + proper as they had to be for the sit-down courses! Just getting messy is always a fun time!

Photo of Christopher Matthews
Christopher MatthewsExecutive Chef
Eatertainment Special Events & Catering