Are you getting married between the months of April and November? If so, there is the potential that your big wedding day could be accompanied by a big snowfall!  This shouldn’t be a surprise, we do live in the Great White North after all. But, before you freak out, remember how cute Phoebe and Mike’s wedding was from Friends? Well, your snowy wedding day can be just as cute – even magical. To ensure everything goes smoothly, here’s how you can prepare for this unique celebration.

Ensure Guest Comfort

Make sure that you and your guests won’t be uncomfortable on your snowy wedding day by setting up a cozy, heated tent or indoor area where guests can warm up. Also, consider offering hand warmers and having a hot drink station where guests can help themselves to warm beverages throughout the event. From branded toques to cute mittens, or even a fire pit, your guests will thank you! On the practical side, make sure your venue is equipped with shovels, salt and everything needed to make sure your guests don’t slip or get stuck in the snow! Have a clear plan for snow removal and ensuring walkways are safe. Perhaps suggest checking if the venue has backup generators in case of a power outage due to heavy snowfall.

snowy wedding day

Photo Courtesy of Samantha Ong Photography

Communicate with your Guests

Make sure your guests are aware that snow on your wedding day might be a possibility. Remind them to dress warm and wear appropriate footwear. Let them know if there is a spot where they can keep their boots and coats. We also suggest asking everyone to be there 15 minutes earlier than you actually need, just in case! In addition, you can create a website or social media group for the wedding where real-time updates can be shared, especially regarding weather changes and transportation.

Provide Alternate Travel Routes

It’s an unfortunate reality that snowstorms and road closures go hand in hand. Make sure to give your guests options for getting to and from your venue. Perhaps share a list of local accommodation options for those who might decide to stay overnight due to weather conditions.

Lean into it

Instead of trying to fighting the snow, lean into it and get cozy. Serve hot cider or spiked hot chocolate during your ceremony, hand out blankets for guests to cuddle under and of course, let your menu be inspired by the season (hello comfort food!). Maybe even include hearty stew or roast, and more unique warm drink options like mulled wine or a coffee bar with liqueur options!

Cute Accessories

The last thing you want on your wedding day is cold feet – and the best way to handle snow on your wedding day is to accessorize for the weather! We’re thinking sparkly UGGS and faux fur shawls for your photos! Maybe even elegant long-sleeved gowns and thermal leggings under the dress for warmth.

Photography Tips

Make the most of the snowy backdrop in wedding photos by hiring a photographer experienced with winter photography.

In conclusion, a snowy wedding day, while presenting unique challenges, also offers an opportunity for a truly enchanting and memorable celebration. By preparing adequately for the weather, communicating effectively with your guests, and embracing the beauty of the season in every aspect from décor to dining, your winter wedding can transform into a magical experience that you and your guests will cherish forever.

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