With another Valentine’s Day gracing us with its presence, love is certainly in the air! Cue the romantic gestures, the abundance of flowers and chocolate, and bouts of public displays of affection everywhere you look. In honor of our little cupid friend, we wanted to celebrate with a little PDA of our own – EventSource.ca style! We asked some of the most talented photographers in the city to share their favourite kisses caught on camera with us (and all of you of course!) – Enjoy!

Luminous Weddings

Best Kiss

“The first kiss is such a special moment! It often goes so fast and as photographers, it is one of the points in the day that we are just itching to capture at the perfect moment. This was it – everything came together and you are able to feel their love, energy and excitement!”

– Bruna, Luminous Weddings 

Jennifer See Studios

“Definitely one of my favourite kisses captured! Derek was so excited to kiss his now-wife. He grabbed her by the shoulder and kissed her in front of all their friends and family!”

– Jennifer, Jennifer See Studios

Olive Photography

“Margo and Jacob have been together years and years, but their passion is a flame that burns so bright. There is a beautiful tension between them when they are not close, and you can almost feel the fireworks when they get close together, like here in this photo of them kissing. I love this photo because you can feel the heat between the two of them, and the sun streaming through isn’t just gorgeous but also emphasizes the intensity you can already see between them.”

– Anastasia, Olive Photography

Ally & Nicholas Photography

Best Kiss

“This photo is so special to us because these two are so special. Emily and Jody have been together for 10 years and share a kind of love people write about. They were so free spirited during their engagement session, just embracing the experience and each other. They went right into the water and without hesitation, Jody picked her up and gave Emily the biggest kiss just before the sunset. It was such a sweet moment.”

– Ally, Ally & Nicholas Photography

Young Glass Photography

Best Kiss

“We love this all-encompassing image of this surreal couple’s wedding day. Romance can live in many forms, but Kelly and Sean’s was expressed with SO MUCH FUN, it was impossible to resist smiling and laughing in its presence. This kiss is them just playing around. It’s real and it’s awesome!”

– Evan, Young Glass Photography

Alix Gould Photography

“I love this shot because it’s so timeless. It could be taken in any decade, in any part of the world! Taking advantage of an incredibly romantic background, how fitting to steal a kiss?”

– Alix, Alix Gould Photography

Scarlet O’Neill

“This was actually a session 7 months after this couple’s wedding! They got back into their wedding attire and popped a bottle of bubbly to celebrate the love that still exists so deeply between them. I love how despite the wedding attire, they were so relaxed and just ready to cuddle up!”

– Scarlet, Scarlet O’Neill

Purple Tree Wedding Photography

“From the moment we met Katie and Sean, we were obsessed! We asked Sean to give Katie a kiss as the streetcar zoomed past, not expecting to capture one of the best dips we’ve ever seen!”

– Anna, Purple Tree Wedding Photography

Bows and Lavender

Best Kiss

“This photo of Sam and Chantal was captured a few moments after their ceremony while they were spending some time alone together before kicking off the celebration with their guests. I LOVE this photograph because I remember asking them to cuddle the heck out of each other, and that is exactly what they did! They attacked one another with face and neck kisses, while repeatedly yelling out ‘we’re married!’ Their energy and love is contagious and at one point I dropped my camera because I was smiling so much. And realized ‘I gotta capture this moment!’ and that is when this final kiss happened.”

– Jessy, Bows & Lavender

Rhythm Photography

“Sparkler exit photos are a really fun way to end the evening. As Janice and Carlos dashed through the row of sparklers, we asked them to pause at the end for a kiss. I must say, kissing under the sparklers is way more romantic than kissing under the stars!”

– Anita, Rhythm Photography

Fox Photography

Best Kiss

“After completing all of the portraits for the day, the sunset was so beautiful that we snuck out of the reception for 10 minutes so we could take advantage of the end of golden hour and the beautiful sunset! We absolutely love this shot of Mary and David because it’s a classic ‘dip & kiss’ pose which never seems to get old and remains timeless!”

– Michelle, Fox Photography

Tara McMullen Photography

“This wedding planned by Melissa Baum Events was the most love-filled event of the year. Magen Boys Entertainment shot huge canons filled with flower petals at the exact moment of the first kiss. Fifty thousand petals flew from all corners of the Royal York Ballroom. It was unlike anything I’ve ever seen!”

– Tara, Tara McMullen Photography

Lori Waltenbury Photography

“This couple decided to book a shoot in the middle of winter on one of the coldest days and windiest spots in Toronto. They’ll be tying the not in Greece this summer so it was important to them to have a beautiful wintery scene to contrast their eventual wedding photos. They put on a brave face and some extra socks and trekked through the icy areas of the Scarborough Bluffs. But it was all worth it!”

– Lori, Lori Waltenbury

Simply Lace Photography

“I love this first kiss from Neuri and Brian’s wedding at the lovely Hacienda Sarria this past summer! It’s such a different angle and view of the first kiss! Their entire day was filled with so much love and happiness, so glad to have been able to be a part of it!”

– Bruna, Simply Lace Photography