We can’t believe that we are already wrapping up another calendar year but luckily for us (and you!), this means we get to continue with one of our favourite end-of-year traditions: reaching out to a handful of Toronto’s top wedding photographers to share their favourite shots from 2018 with us! Based on all the fabulous work we’ve seen, we think it’s pretty safe to say that the 2018 wedding season is definitely one for the books for Toronto wedding photographers! Don’t believe us? Scroll down for some of our favourite wedding shots from the past year! By the way, you can still check out our favs from 2017 too!

Banga Studios

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“As photographers and storytellers, nothing makes us happier than when a bride and groom really open up and let us into their special day. This was one of Josh and Tisleen’s first kisses as husband and wife and we are so grateful and honoured that they allowed us into such an intimate moment.”

Gabi, Banga Studios

Purple Tree Photography

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“Christina came to us dreaming of an urban and edgy modern Toronto wedding. She really wanted us to capture the vibe of Toronto in her wedding day photos, so that when her and Bobby look at them years down the road, they’d be able to remember their day and the city exactly as it was. Naturally, we had to take Christina and Bobby to the iconic Gooderham building on Front St. for their photos; fashioning a truly timeless, elegant and modern photo.”

Anna, Purple Tree Wedding Photography

Brandon Scott Photography

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“Kristen and Nate traveled from Indianapolis to Banff to say their vows on top of Kicking Horse Mountain, surrounded by a small group of their closest friends and family. Smoke from the forest fires near us started to roll in just behind us when we shot this image. We fell in love with the result!”

Brandon, Brandon Scott Photography

Fox Photography

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“This photo of Mary and David was taken during their summer wedding. We had already completed the photos earlier in the day, but the sunset was so beautiful that we snuck out of the reception for 10 minutes so we could take advantage of the end of golden hour and the beautiful sunset!”

Michelle, Fox Photography

Olive Photography

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“The pure candid joy between these high school sweethearts is why this image is one of my faves of 2018. It makes my heart so happy! Brad is known for the face he makes when he truly laughs, and Lauren messaged me after the wedding saying they were so glad I captured it on their wedding day! Just after their first look they had some time to be together, which is another thing I think is so great to have on a wedding day. Clearly these two did too!”

Anastasia, Olive Photography

Luminous Weddings

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“Gloria and Cedric had an intimate wedding at Canoe. Gloria was a gorgeous bride who wanted an editorial feel to her photos. The Aga Khan Museum gave us the perfect backdrop for this unique bride. The photo captures her flair for fashion, her fierceness, and her elegance.”

Mena, Luminous Weddings

Alix Gould Photography

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“There are so many things that go into making a great image. Composition, lighting, background and styling. This image nails all four. I love how the strong blacks, leather jackets and expressions of the bridesmaids are accented by the strength of the trees that surround them. The whole image is softened by the beautiful bride.”

Alix, Alix Gould Photography

Simply Lace Photography

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“I love this shot of Shanna and her girls enjoying themselves during our sunset photos. It’s such a lovely image for the bride to look back to and remember the happiness and joy she felt on her special day. This is what a wedding is all about, celebrating your love with your closest family and friends.”

Bruna, Simply Lace Photography

Mango Studios

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“In 2018 we made a conscious effort to make more time for creative shoots. For this shoot, we wanted the photos to communicate a sense of timelessness while still feeling fresh, elegant, and sophisticated. With access to a spectacular vintage Porsche, this vision started to come to life. We are super happy with how it turned out and this photo is one of our favourites!”

Lauren, Mango Studios

AGI Studio

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“The soft afternoon sunlight beam was seeping through the Berkeley Church window. The mood was extremely quite and intimate. We asked the couple to stand right in the middle of the light beam. As a shining reflection lighted up the beautiful bride’s face, everything was so perfect in that moment.”

John, AGI Studio

Ally & Nicholas Photography

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“We hopped in a car and drove down the road to a nearby river after Jay and Chris said “I do” to get this shot. We had nature all to ourselves. Jay even wore her running shoes under her dress so we could climb to some beautiful spots. To see a couple so present, happy, and relaxed on their wedding day was so refreshing. It was all because they planned a chill day that was about the love in a space that means so much to them. We’re so thankful to have witnessed this day.”

Ally, Ally & Nicholas Photography

Scarlet O’Neill

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“This photo gives me all the feels because it really showcases Sheila and Kyle’s happiness and excitement during their wedding day. It’s such a real moment and you can almost hear their laughter looking at it. I’m so in love with the way I documented their day and how true the photos are to them as a couple. Plus, they are one of the kindest couple’s I’ve ever met!”

Scarlet, Scarlet O'Neill

Rhythm Photography

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“These two folks are such troopers! Not even 40 degree heat can stop these two from dancing the night away! We were literally leaving the park when we caught the most glorious sunset that cast a soft pink hue onto the mountains. I’ve never seen anything like it!”

Anita, Rhythm Photography


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“When Victoria and Kevin decided to host their wedding at the JW Marriott in Muskoka, they knew right away that they’d be leaving their ceremony in style aboard Kevin’s family’s boat – a classic Muskoka Launch, hand-built in 1912. After their vows, the newlywed couple made their way down to the dock and set off for a few moments together on the water. Whenever couple’s include something of their personal story into their wedding day, it adds an unmistakable energy to the photos that we love to capture, and this was no exception.”

Alex, Ikonica Images