2017 was a fantastic year for Toronto Wedding Photographers! For us here at EventSource.ca, one of our favourite end-of-year traditions is to reach out to some of Toronto’s top wedding photographers and ask them to provide us with their favourite shots from the year so we can share them with all you lovely readers! So without further ado, we present to you some of our favourite wedding shots from the past year – enjoy! By the way, you can still check out our favs from 2016 too!

Brandon Scott Photography

Best of Photography

“We went to a secluded little river on Mike and Megans wedding day.  When we got there the air was warming up creating a romantic, foggy, icy backdrop through the trees, plus Megans vintage fur and flowers…I mean come on!”

Brandon, Brandon Scott Photography

Lori Waltenbury

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“This photo was shot at The Symes, brand new venue in Toronto’s west end. This wedding was their first ever event held there! We were lucky and had this beautiful afternoon light shining through. I have a fondness lately for harsh sunlight, especially since avoiding it for the last ten years. So I put them in this spot for a quick shot and told them to look directly at the sun!”

Lori, Lori Waltenbury

Scarlet O’Neill

Best of Photography

“This is image is from Claire & Scott’s wedding this past year. It’s a true depiction of how close of a relationship I have with my clients and why ‘clicking’ is so important. Your photographer isn’t just another vendor, they are someone you trust and respect. With this couple, they had a few obstacles along the way to their wedding and would go to me for all sorts of advice & help. We worked closely to get to know each other, understand each other and they deeply respected the work I was putting into their wedding. They let me take the lead throughout the day, and just settled into each other which really allowed them to be truly present for their day (and allowed me to capture it honestly). Couples like this are what make my work great and why I love my job so much.”

Scarlet, Scarlet O'Neill

5ive5ifteen Photo Company

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“Photographed at 11,212 feet above sea level, at the very top of Aspen mountain, this wedding was by far one of the most beautiful and epic locations we’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing! A gorgeous couple, sunshine, spectacular vistas, and fresh mountain air; it doesn’t get any better!”

Mike, 515 Photo Co.

AGI Studio

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“As the morning light cascaded over the mountain trees, our couple enjoyed a peaceful moment on the emerald green water of Lake Louise in Banff National Park.”

John, AGI Studio

Lindsie Grey

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“Rima and Tushar’s wedding was the type of wedding I always wanted to photograph. We connected instantly which I believe makes a huge difference on the day. They brought the most amazing energy – relaxed, energized and so much fun. I captured this photo as they danced back down the aisle, petals showering them. If you look closely, Rima’s sister is running after her as her ‘Just Married’ jacket had fallen off her shoulders. Not only was this an amazing wedding, they are truly the most amazing couple. I’m beyond blessed to have been a part of their wedding.”

Lindsie, Lindsie Grey

Mango Studios

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“We appreciate all of the in-between moments. The moments you forget all of the noise, the moments that are not forced or posed. A wedding is a highly anticipated milestone in your life that’s filled with immense, elevated energy. That’s exactly what we strive to capture in our wedding photography. The energy that inspires us to always stay active and not let those in-between moments go unnoticed. Whether it’s your grandma’s warm hug in the morning or your happy face as you exit the church as in the photo above. These little moments weave your wedding photos together, telling a story of the beginning of your new life one frame at a time.”

Ayyyna, Mango Studios

Purple Tree Wedding Photography

Best of Photography

“Christina and Bobby’s big Greek wedding was one for books! Christina knew from the beginning that she wanted to walk around downtown and do all the photos on the way without planning too much, just go with a flow! A couple seconds before this photo was taken, Christina and Bobby were laughing on the stairs when Bobby lifted her up without saying a word. We were taking photos without seeing their faces, just hearing their giggles. That pretty much sums up their relationship!”

Svetlana, Purple Tree Wedding Photography

Olive Photography

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“This is definitely one photo that received a LOT of love this year – people love how ‘Toronto’ it is! We didn’t think we’d be able to get onto a TTC streetcar since a few had gone by absolutely PACKED with people. Then we saw this one, completely empty, coming along the adjacent street. The driver let us hop in for a quick minute, and the framing with the wedding party all around them as they smooched in their elegant attire on the downtown trolley was just perfect. So fun.”

Anastasia, Olive Photography

Toronto Wedding Studios

Best of Photography

“I was so happy Stephanie and Adrian were interested in taking a few photos during the sunset even though the dinner reception was in progress. Typically our style is bright and airy but this time I decided to experiment and do something different. I loved the contrast effect of the silhouettes against the rich colour of the sunset. These kind of images are a perfect way to bookend a beautiful wedding album.”

Rudo, Toronto Wedding Studios


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“One of the great joys of photography is discovering a fresh perspective. During Victoria and Daniel’s portrait session at Hart House, I had a lovely shot set up in the doorway leading out to the courtyard. When I approached the couple to make some adjustment (probably the groom’s bow tie – it’s always the bow tie), I happened to look upwards and noticed that there was a little balcony in the floor above, offering a view down to the first floor. Of course it sparked my curiosity, so I asked the couple to wait there a moment while I ran up the stairs to the second floor above them. The photos from this angle are my absolute favourite from the shoot.”

Alex, Ikonica Images

The Love Studio

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“Right after their ceremony, Madisyn and Ben wanted a moment for themselves so they snuck out onto a quiet corner of the rooftop of the Thompson Toronto. As Nino walked over to take a photo, Madisyn said, There he is, now we can finally have that quiet moment, and as everyone laughed, Nino took the photo. To us, this photo captures the beautiful relationships and trust we have built with our couples, and the fact that we make them comfortable enough that we can all have these (not so quiet) moments together.”


Jennifer See Studios

Best of Photography

“This photo of Maggie and Geordie was taken just after their first look. They were both so excited to see one another that afternoon, and we got straight into their photo session. These two look at one another in a way I’ve never seen! This wedding was extra special to me as I had previously photographed both of Geordie’s sisters, so I was extremely honoured to photograph this family once more!”

Jennifer, Jennifer See Studios

A Brit & A Blonde

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“Toronto is truly an amazing city. And our couples who decide to say ‘I do’ in the heart of the city really want to embrace it in all its wonderful city-ness. So when your couple’s venue is Canoe which has spectacular views of the city from way up high and the light is doing magical things – the result is marvellous.”

Jessica, A Brit & A Blonde

Rhythm Photography

15 toronto wedding photographers share the best of photography, 10

“I love this non-traditional first dance! All the guests got out onto the balcony with sparklers and surrounded the bride and groom as they danced under the stars.  This was such a magical moment!”

Anita, Rhythm Photography