Cool crisp weather, beautifully coloured leaves, and pumpkin spice everything – the glorious fall season is nearly upon us and with it comes an array of hearty, warm and delicious food trends guaranteed to keep you all warm and cozy! To that end, we wanted to see what Toronto’s top caterers will be serving up this season, so we reached out to some of Toronto’s key catering companies to learn all about what exciting fall inspiration ideas they have in store for 2017.

By the way, many of the caterers below will be participating in this year’s annual Toronto Catering Showcase – an entire afternoon savouring delectable culinary masterpieces assembled by some of the most talented chefs in the city. Grab your tickets today!

Jerusalem Artichoke Soup

Shaved Truffles, Rosemary Crème Fraiche, Duck Confit Croquette, Chive & Garlic Oil, Organic Pea Shoots

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“For the upcoming fall, we are showcasing the full, rich flavour of Jerusalem Artichokes with our newest menu addition. Here, I can indulge my love of truffles in this perfectly balanced dish that will leave you scraping the bowl, wanting more!”

– Lauren Mozer, elle cuisine

Kombucha Beet Salad

Pickled Yellow Beets, Pickled Jicama, Pistachio Gremolata, Ontario Goat Cheese Croquette, Chive Buttermilk Sauce, Red Basil

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“The Kombucha Beet Salad is one of the newest plated appetizers available on our 2017 Fall Winter collection. The name comes from the method: we use a dry house-made Kombucha to effectively pickle the Beets and Jicama. To balance the Kombucha pickling, we’ve paired it with Goat Cheese Croquettes and Chive Buttermilk Sauce. We choose to use yellow Beets and Jicama because the colours are visually representative of our fall and winter while also being seasonally available vegetables during our colder months in Ontario.”

– Sous Chef Hillary Brown, Daniel et Daniel Catering & Events

Hickory Smoked Seared Rainbow Trout

Crispy Sweet Potato Fettuccini, Butternut Squash Pear Soufflé, Brussel Sprouts, Pomegranate Seeds, Saffron Honey Emulsion

Fall Catering Menus

“The best of fall flavours all in one dish! The Soufflé creates a sweet refreshing touch to the dish in slight contrast to the savoury, smoke flavoured Trout. The tart and bitter flavour of the Pomegranate Seeds perfectly compliments the plate that is finished with the crunch of the Sweet Potato Fettuccini.”

– Executive Chef Roshan Wanasingha, Ma-Ro Catering

Vietnamese Slaw

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“One of my favourite dishes we have for the fall season is our Vietnamese Slaw. This dish showcases incredible fall harvest local ingredients such as Brussel Sprouts, Heirloom Carrots, Pears, Wild Cabbage and a spicy Beet Vinaigrette. It has a textural ‘crunch’ from Peanuts, crispy Shallots and crispy Rice Noodles. The warm-comforting fall flavours are re-invented and inspired by our travels to South East Asia. It makes for an awesome starter at a formal sit down affair, or can be ‘miniaturized’ and served as a station item at a cocktail party.”

– Executive Chef Toben, Toben Food by Design

Iron Seared Ontario Pork Chop with Thyme Jus & Tempura Fried Oyster Mushroom

Goat Cheese Polenta; Parsley Holland Marsh Heriloom Carrots & Yucca Fries

Fall Catering Menus

“This fall, we are featuring this Iron Seared Ontario Pork Chop! This seasonal, hearty dish is perfect for your upcoming Fall event.”

– Sommer Hampson, en Ville Event Design and Catering

Grilled Octopus

with Polenta, Almonds and Charred Kale

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“For me this dish represents the changing of the seasons, where summer meets fall. The grilled Octopus stands on the summer side of things for me, whereas a warm bowl of Polenta is a fall/winter staple. It’s still warm out, so a lot of the times instead of cooking I opt to char things and meet in the middle between raw/cooked. The Tomatoes and grilled Peaches really bring the dish together – it adds the sweet and fresh taste of Peaches (which really hit their stride about now) with a nice bright acidity of gently confit Tomatoes. It’s a dish that’s warm and inviting, but still has remnants of a great summer that just passed.”

Chef Matt Ravenscroft, Drake Catering

Hearty Rib Station

Petite Smoked Beef Short Ribs served over Sweet Potato & Parsnip Mash, Fresh Chives, Garnished with Canada’s own Hickory Sticks

Fall Catering Menus

“This is our Short Rib Parfait – a great fall food station option, individually plated in 250ml mason jars. It’s a twist on the cold weather classic “Meat and Potatoes” dish, with local root Vegetables and smoked (then braised) Beef Short Ribs.”

– Candice Lashley, L-eat Catering

Eat Some “Idli” This Autumn

Fall Catering Menus

“Idli (pronounced ID-lee) is a savory cake made by steaming a batter of fermented black Lentils and Rice. Idli is a popular dish throughout India and surrounding countries like Sri Lanka. Traditionally, it is served with flavourful condiments such as Sambar and Chutney. Our sous chef Sri Ponnampalam showcases the beauty of Idli married with Fall flavors, as he draws on inspiration from back home. Our artisan version of Idli comes with Pumpkin & Squash Curry, root Vegetable Sambar, and three kinds of Chutney including spicy Coconut, Coriander and Sweet Onion. We anticipate this dish to be a hot item on our brunch and food station menu this coming autumn season. P.S. It’s totally vegan!”

– Fia Pagnello, Kiss the Cook Catering

Ontario Lamb with a Spanish Twist

Seared Ontario Lamb with Thyme Jus, Grilled Peaches, Roasted Cauliflower, Romesco Green Scallions

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“This dish draws influences from my travels all over Europe—tying a strong relationship of my origins to Spain and Italy. With a blend of Ontario-based produce, I construct a beautiful, intricate dish with hot flavours! This plate is composed of seared Ontario Lamb with Walnut Butter and a delicious drizzle of Thyme Jus, laying gently on top of Spanish inspired Romesco Green Scallions. Finally, it is adorned with grilled Ontario Peaches and roasted Cauliflower. We just love this plate because it exudes Encore’s focus; elegant dishes with big taste!”

– Corporate Chef Richard Andino, Encore Catering

Butternut Squash Arancini

Tallegio Cheese, Crisp Sage

torontos caterers share 2017 fall catering menus, 15

“Arancini is definitely a tried-and-true classic! This Butternut Squash Arancini is a fall favourite because it definitely speaks to the season!”

– David D’Aprile, 10tation Event Catering

Deluxe Grazing Station

Fall Catering Menus

“If you are neck-deep in planning your reception, a great feature to consider is a deluxe grazing station. The perfect twist on a buffet style service, where the food is beautifully displayed for leisurely eating. Essentially a smorgasbord of house-made dips, market fresh vegetables, seasonally selected cheeses, cured meats and fish and garnished with the works. It’s a menu that will please all guests and an amazing way to start the festivities.”

– Executive Chef, Jay Suppiah, Presidential Gourmet