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Brandon Taylor Photography
My negative experience with Brandon happened in 2022. I refrained from writing a bad review because at the time I felt bad jeopardizing the income of a young business owner due to my one bad experience. I see now that my horrible experience was not an isolated incident.

The patterns you see in these posts is exactly what happened to my husband and I - no time made for our engagement shoot. Unresponsive weeks before our wedding and then Brandon basically told us he wouldn’t be showing up. We got lucky and found a solution through our wonderful coordinator but the process was so stressful it definitely put a damper on your day. Wishing everyone that have not received their photos the best of luck.
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Brandon Taylor Photography
Alicia H
It took me a while to write this however, I got married May 6th 2023 and we had hired Brandon for our wedding. If you get anything from these reviews please please please do not hire him for any photos or business.
Communication was never good and a bright red flag appeared when we were getting our engagement photos done where he stated that if he wasn’t able to attend the wedding someone of his team would be… after our engagement session we received our photos the next day and we’re highly impressed with the results. However, after the engagement photos, communication and response from Brandon became so so so sparse and I was left on read numerous times. The next time we spoke was 3-4 days before my wedding where he told me that a family member was sick and would be sending his team to shoot my wedding, when asked who his team was he did not respond for another 1.5 days and when he did… I stated that I did not consent to these changes and wanted my money back as per the contract.

I ended up needing a lawyer to send him a letter to get my deposit back. The lawyer actually has heard the similar story from other brides and felt so bad she didn’t even charge me.

The recent 5 star reviews you’re seeing on this platform are because he is asking past clients for 5 star reviews in exchange for a free photo session so the reviews on this platform begin to look better… not sure how well that’s working out for him.

Do your self a favour and please please please find yourself a more reputable, respectful and compassionate photographer to photograph one of the most important days of your life.
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Brandon Taylor Photography
My experience is similar to some who have posted previously who've had issues.

We met Brandon in 2019 and after getting engaged I immediately messaged him. We were so excited to work with him after seeing his work and meeting him at a family members wedding. Our email exchanges confirm Brandon and an associate of his whom we also loved had been booked. We sent over the deposit.

Covid-19 hits but as our wedding was in 2021 we decided to use the wait and see approach. We booked our engagement photos in June of 2020 for August of 2020. I emailed Brandon early June to set a time in August. We don’t hear back for weeks. I finally resorted to messaging him on Instagram to confirm. A day before Brandon tried to convince us to change the location even though it was sentimental to us but finally agreed to shoot the location. This was maybe our first concern but we looked past it.

Fast forward to 2021 and we don’t have much contact with Brandon which is fine. I knew in my gut something was going to go wrong and was waiting for it to happen. I sent Brandon a message in late August with questions and menu selections for himself and his associate (who is to be our videographer) and no response. Fearing the worst was going to happen (and it did) I messaged his associate to confirm his menu selection and find out he is booked at another wedding the same day as ours and did not know he was to shoot our wedding.

His associate called him – not sure what the extent of that conversation was. Brandon finally messages back saying that things have *obviously changed since we booked*. I find this shocking and not an appropriate response to a bride two weeks before her wedding. Not so much as an email to let us know of any changes to our contract or who was even to be at our wedding. The part that upsets me the most was had I not messaged his associate, I would have expected to see him specifically on the day of the wedding and he would not have been there.

The wedding day (September 2021) goes well thankfully. He seemed extra attentive – possibly due to the issue two weeks before the day.

This is where it starts to get BAD.
Our email exchanges note roughly 8-12 weeks for our wedding gallery. We assumed the video would be longer naturally.
We do not receive the full gallery until March 2022. A full 6 months after our wedding. We follow up (both email and Instagram DM) with Brandon in May 2022 (8 months after our wedding) about our wedding video and other extra video add-ons we paid for with no solution or expected date.

We do not get our video until *NOVEMBER of 2022*. More than a year after our wedding.

Still waiting on the extra footage we paid for. I followed up with Brandon by email in January and February of **2023**. Finally get a message saying that none of our Ceremony and Speeches were recorded which was heartbreaking. It took him two months and multiple messages to reimburse us the money that was owed for the services that he did not provide.

All in all – please don’t waste your time and energy.
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Brandon Taylor Photography
It has been 8-10 months since our wedding and 0 photos!

We got lawyers involved, and he reimbursed us the full 100% of what we paid for. I would highly recommend going that route.

I would also recommend that you contact Sean O'Shea, ( if enough of us do this, we will run his business to the ground!
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Brandon Taylor Photography
Kierra L.
We booked Brandon for our engagement shoot & for our wedding at Whistle Bear. It was our dream to have Brandon shoot for us and when he told us he has the date available I remember us being the happiest couple ever, we were SO excited!! Fast forward to our engagement shoot - those pictures turned out so beautiful and perfect, he made us a mood board for the shoot and it was amazing. My husband was so shy and nervous for our engagement shoot because we never did ANY shoot before, but Brandon made us feel so comfortable, it was awesome. Now, let’s get to the good part… the wedding! We had booked two photographers it was Brandon and Kevin. We did two so the girls and guys could have their own photographer for the morning. We’re happy we chose Brandon, anytime we had a questions about the wedding he was able to give an answer, if I needed to call him he would be quick to pick up or call me back. Brandon helped us plan out the entire day beginning to end. Brandon and Kevin were the perfect fit for our wedding, they are so respectful, patient and their energy was amazing! They captured a lot of moments, not a lot of the pictures were posed too! Our wedding was on a Sunday and I remember we received the sample photos on our honeymoon which we thought was extremely fast so we loved that!! Once we received our full album we couldn’t stop looking at them. THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!! It’s safe to say I have them all over our house. My husband and I had an amazing experience with Brandon, we are so thankful and happy we had Brandon and Kevin capture our special day!!
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Brandon Taylor Photography
For anybody with a bad experience, claiming a scam, fraud, poor business conduct, etc. I encourage you to file a complaint through the Better Business Bureau. This was advised by a lawyer.
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