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Mariposa Cruises


February 2020

I have had the pleasure of doing both a tour and dinner cruise with this company. The tour takes roughly 45 min to an hour and takes you around the islands and also has an audio tour with various languages for international visitors. There is food on-board but does cost extra.The dinner cruise was not upscale but also not terrible. It is a buffet style dinner but there are servers that serve the dishes so to those that eat a lot like myself, good luck. Same with desserts which is also portioned out and served. There is live music and drinks are served.Don't worry there are bathrooms on-board and a opened top deck that has amazing views of the skyline and it takes you around the harbor.

Mariposa Cruises

Tara Black

July 2019

I went on the lunch cruise and it was amazing. It was a relaxing trip and the food was great. I loved being on the water seeing Toronto from a new perspective. I can't wait to come back and do it again soon.

Mariposa Cruises

Ahila Devaraj

June 2019

Amazing view and amazing cruise. I had an amazing time, and took plenty of pictures. Definitely worth the price paid. Beautiful view of the CN Tower can be captured from the cruise as well.

Mariposa Cruises

Mitra A

May 2019

Best $30 I have ever spent at the harbourfront. Vanessa was incredibly helpful and informative in helping me pick the right tour. I was lucky to get the entire downstairs to myself (as well as the staff). I absolutely ADORE the Oriole.The " historic" narrative is very colonial white. So many white names and almost no mention of the MUCH LONGER indigenous history of the islands, the lake, and Toronto. Very disappointed for the tourists who will continue to be misinformed.

Mariposa Cruises

Akhil Thekkedath

May 2018

Perfect place to enjoy the heart of Toronto harbour.Nice food and well disciplined staffs.Best place for weekend and night getaways Professional DJ service.The best choice to enjoy the scenic Toronto harbour and Toronto skyline.

Mariposa Cruises

Tracy B Richards Wedding Officiant

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Today I officiated my first wedding on a boat! What a treat it was to board the Mariposa Rosemary for a 3- hour wedding cruise through the Toronto Islands. Special thanks to Captain Rob, first mate, Kyle and service staff Reika and Loya for the cheerful welcome. Sara, the events coordinator, met us all at the boat to ensure everything was running smoothly and was very accommodating to the couple throughout the process. The buffet was plentiful and food was very good quality. The boat decor is very cute and comfortable... it's one of the smaller boats in the fleet and was the perfect size for an intimate ceremony and lunch reception. Washrooms were clean and easy to navigate. I'd highly recommend this experience for a unique and fun small celebration!

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