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Studio Arash
If you want someone that has experience and can make lemonade with whatever kinds of lemons he is given, then Studio Arash is your guy! They were amazing and hard working. Showed up ahead of their arrival schedule to test run their equipment and do a walk through of of the venue to see what would work best with the weather. We had a cloudy day, but that didn't stop Arash from getting some very breathtaking shots. He played around with the objects we had and used inspiration from the moment to take shots. He called me a few times prior to the wedding to give me some very good feedback and suggestions and always told me that it wasn't about him making money but wanted to make sure I got the best shots possible. Originally I had him ending at 9:30pm as per my contract and he called me 2 days before the wedding to tell me that he shouldn't end by 9:30pm because that will cause him to miss a lot of the evening portion- he was absolutely right! I appreciated his opinion and his willingness to provide feedback. He also took direction very well and listened to all the crazy ideas I had (take a photo with Starbucks cups, picture with my shoes etc). His team was extremely hardworking and they only took a break at 10:30pm to eat! What I loved most about Arash was that he provided us with a batch of photos to enjoy within a week! Amazing team, amazing rates and the most breathtaking pictures. You can't go wrong with this team! Thanks so much!!!!
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