The Host Fine Indian Cuisine


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The Host Fine Indian Cuisine

vrinda ravindran

January 2020

Terrible experience.Food was not bad and the ambience was nice,but the most important thing,their service was pathetic. Especially the guy named Sushant( I hope he gave me the correct name),seriously needs an attitude check, All through out he gave the impression that he dosent give a dam about the customer. There was a big strand of hair in the glass of water he served,he dint have have the courtesy to apologize for it,instead gave us a dirty look for bringing it to his attention. They had no interest to serve the customer at all. I really feel if you call it a fine dine restaurant,you need to have staff who are trained to respect the customers.I have always given positive reviews about places I visit, but this was my worst experience in Toronto and I hope this helps a few people in not wasting their money and valuable time. I honestly spend two days thinking about how horrible and disturbing my experience was. I also wish that the management brings in servers who have basic manners. For the ambience of this caliber and with all the competition in the service industry you guys need better staffing.

The Host Fine Indian Cuisine

Sudershan Dua

January 2020

Excellent food! great ambiance, and good service. Server was knowledgeable about the food they are serving. Good advise and made the food according to our pallet. Definitely recommend.

The Host Fine Indian Cuisine

Phillip w

December 2019

I liked what I got but, and maybe this is my fault, it wasn't what I had tried to order. It was what I wanted even if I didn't know it. But still I gotta ding for that. Also conveniently the more expensive option lol. Tasty tandoori. With BIG chunks. The nan was not the best I've had but far from the worst. I was full but still hungry for more when I finished lol. I'm hesitant to try new South Asian places because what if they are mediocre. This will be another place I can order from. Bit more pricey but it is catered more toward fine dining.

The Host Fine Indian Cuisine

Neeraj Shah

December 2019

We had the buffet there and the vegetarian option was mighty delicious. It's a great place to grab good food. The staff is very friendly and are interested in there customers concerns.

The Host Fine Indian Cuisine

Neymar Hardin

October 2019

From the moment you step in that place they give you an agreeable feeling. Very warm team, it is a nice restaurant to to go out with your friends or with your date. Great cuisine, professional chef, honest pay and attentive service. Warmly recommended.

The Host Fine Indian Cuisine

Mantra by Host

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Our parent company. Providing quality Indain food and service in the GTA for over 25 years.

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