The team at Love by Lynzie Events + Design did it again! Hosting another one of their popular pop up chapels (this time in support of Save the Children and #BloomsUnited for children affected by Cyclone Idai), the LBL team truly brought out all the stops. Featuring fresh inspiration by the artwork of Hense The Name and stunning pops of coral, the creative minds at LBL transformed the ever-stylish The Drake Hotel for 9 lucky couples to say their romantic “I Do’s”.

Not familiar with the pop up chapel? We’ll fill you in. For a very reasonable flat-rate, and with a portion of the proceeds always going to a local charity, LBL’s pop up chapel offers all the features of a fully planned, professionally decorated, intimate wedding – and all you have to do is show up! It’s the perfect way to celebrate your big day with those nearest and dearest to you in a decked out celebration brought to you by some of the city’s top vendors – all while saving money and avoiding the stress that comes with planning a traditional wedding! Sound interesting? Scroll down to see all the details of Friday’s chapel.

pop up chapelpop up chapel

Glenfiddich Whisky gifted each couple their very own bottle of 18-year-old single Malt Scotch Whisky and custom engraved drams.

pop up chapelPhotos Courtesy of Alix Gould Photography

As the pop up chapel grows, so does the team’s drive to push sustainability within the industry. For this chapel, they partnered up with New Dawn Organization to re-purpose all the floral and decor installations after the event for people in need – a great idea!

Essentially, LBL’s pop up chapel makes you look good, feel good, and do good… what’s not to love? (Which probably explains why all the upcoming 2019 dates are sold out!). If the pop up chapel sounds like the perfect fit for you, you’re in luck, there are some upcoming dates in 2020!

Linda and Tristan

pop up chapelpop up chapelPhotos Courtesy of Luna Weddings Photography

From the Couple: Linda and I were looking for various options that would not destroy our budget while also offering the same amenities that many couples want. We looked at many different options in Toronto and elsewhere and the cost was so much that we would sustain quite the financial burden to have a wedding. We are simple people at heart and when Linda heard about the idea of the pop up chapel, we really loved it! It fit the budget, catered to our wants and needs, and (given that we currently live in Hong Kong) was on a good date!

Since we are living in Hong Kong, finding venues, organizing wedding planners, florists, photographers etc. would have been a nightmare. My family is in the US and Europe while Linda’s family is mostly here in Toronto. Even if we were in North America the logistics would have been a pain. With the pop up chapel, we had a location, a date, and all of the important details sorted while retaining the customization that we still desired. Our family was able to fly here to be with us, and we were able to focus on making memories and not get bogged down with the frivolities. We are planning to use the extra money we saved to buy a small, off-the-grid, sustainable farm in Hawaii! Much better use of money!

Sara and Ross

pop up chapel pop up chapel pop up chapelPhotos Courtesy of Alix Gould Photography

From the Couple: We loved the idea of having a small intimate ceremony that we didn’t have to plan ourselves! We really liked the unique and funky decor of past pop up chapels and thought it would be fun to be surprised on our wedding day. We also really liked that it was eco-friendly and that some of the money is donated to a good cause. When we told our friends and family about our wedding plans, there was some confusion, followed by excitement and happiness. They seemed just as excited about the anticipation and practicality of it as we were!

With the money we saved on a traditional wedding, we threw a party afterward for the people we love most to celebrate with us and we recently bought a condo in the city that we’re moving into very soon!

Maria and Jeffrey

pop up chapel pop up chapel pop up chapel pop up chapelPhotos Courtesy of Luna Weddings Photography

From the Couple: When we got engaged, we knew we didn’t want a big wedding- we figured it was way too much money (and stress!) to spend on just one day. We wanted something super meaningful for us, that also didn’t involve having to invite hoards of extended family. We actually had planned to elope with just our witnesses to city hall, but we really wanted florals and photography, as well as our closest family and friends to be there. So when we came across the pop up chapel, we decided it was the perfect thing for us, since it was still so much cheaper than having to plan a small wedding!

Our friends thought the idea of a pop up chapel was the coolest thing ever!There was, however, a bit of push back from my family; my mom’s family is Italian, and my grandparents and uncles expected me to have a big traditional Italian wedding. Jeff’s family is Trinidadian and very large, and he experienced the same remarks from his side. In the end however, both sets of families agreed that the idea was super fun and the perfect thing for us!

We have lots planned with the money we’ve saved! I’ve recently decided to go back to school to become a Midwife, and because much of my school takes place in unpaid clinical placements, the money we saved will really help us get through this period where we will be living on only one income. We also try to go on vacation at least once a year, so the money we saved doing the chapel will allow us to still do that, even with me being in school!

Connie and Fred

pop up chapelPhoto Courtesy of Alix Gould Photography

From the Couple: There’s nothing traditional about Fred and I, so having a traditional wedding simply didn’t suit us. We wanted to elope. We were looking for something small and tasteful and then when we came across the pop up chapel, we were sold! Not having to plan and look for a venue, officiant, flowers, photographer, décor, etc., saved us so much time, worry and stress. We kept the chapel a secret – we only told our witnesses. They’d never heard of a pop up chapel, but loved the idea!

Ceilah and Ryan

pop up chapel Photo Courtesy of Alix Gould Photography

From the Couple: Neither of us wanted a large wedding and had talked about having a small wedding or eloping. We also liked the idea of the wedding day set up being a surprise. Most of our family and friends were excited and thought it was a neat idea. The only part they had a tough time getting over was the limited amount of guests. We will be putting the money saved towards our dream home and children.

Kyla and Bruce

Photos Courtesy of Whitney Heard Photography

From the Couple: We always knew we wanted a simple wedding. We were in the process of planning a city hall ceremony when Kyla found the pop up chapel with the help of a friend. We chose the pop up chapel because we had seen photos and read about previous events by Love by Lynzie and so we trusted that everything would be gorgeous, organized, and best of all, stress-free! The fact that part of the fee goes towards a charity made us feel extra good about the decision. This intimate ceremony and reception will allow us to go on an amazing trip and maybe even contribute to some savings towards a place here in Toronto!

Our friends and family were not surprised that we took this approach to getting married. They are all very supportive and are happy that we did things our way! Once we described what the pop up chapel is, anyone we spoke to was invariably in love with the idea.

Aaron and Ashley

Photos Courtesy of Whitney Heard Photography

From the Couple: We started planning a traditional wedding, checking out venues and caterers, making guests list etc., and realized we had no desire to do that. I (Ashley) have a good friend at work who told me about Love by Lynize and their pop up chapels. After checking out their website, we felt that this was what we wanted. It just felt so right! We are quite fortunate to have some awesome family and friends who want nothing but the best for us and support the decisions we make in life. They thought it was a super cool concept!

We purchased a house two years ago and with the money we’ll be saving, we would love to do some renovations. Aside from the “adult-type stuff”, we want to do some travelling as well before we start settling down and start a family.