Although large events are a big no-no during this pandemic, people have been finding ways to celebrate at small, intimate gatherings, many of which turned out just as well or even better than the originally planned large event! Case in point: this epic Moroccan-inspired themed 40th birthday celebration for the founder of Mango Studios!! The brain child of Toronto event designer Rachel A. Clingen Wedding & Event Design, the event design was an exotic treat, including a custom pergola designed for the dining space in the backyard. “We loved designing this chic modern backyard birthday party for industry friend Mo,” says Clingen. Everything from the lush flowers and to the luxe decor were Moroccan inspired and filled the backyard with a cool urban vibe. Guests dined while seated on over-sized pillows around low tables for a casual and trendy feel. Beautiful candle lit lanterns accented the pool for guests to gather post-dinner. Overall, the look was stylish with subtle masculine accents, which was perfect for a guy’s 40th birthday. Shot by — of course — Mango Studios, you’ll love this gallery!

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Rachel designed a chic and sophisticated yet relaxed table-scape with rich tones of burgundy, gold and black. Splendid Settings provided the glam place settings while the oh-so-trendy over-sized pillows and wooden stools were provided by Divine Furniture Rental.

Backyard Party
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Every inch of the exquisite night was beautifully curated, including the gorgeously chic rug, macrame pillows, gold lanterns and black candle sticks, which were all from Rented Gatherings.

Backyard Party Backyard Party Backyard Party

The guests dined on delicious Morrocan-inspired fare from elle cuisine.

Backyard Party
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