While 2020 has been a long, bumpy ride for couples, the splendor and colours of fall remind us that there’s still so much beauty to be found. Crisp autumn leaves, a gentle breeze, pumpkin spice lattes – what’s not to love? We reached out to a handful of Toronto’s top photographers and asked them to share some of their favourite recent fall photos with us. Here’s proof that despite its foibles, there’s still plenty to love in 2020.

Jessilynn Wong Photography

Fall Photography

“Steph and Dustin were the first of my 2020 couples who had to reschedule their wedding. They were set to get married in the spring when they were forced to put their plans on hold. They shifted gears, they adapted to the changes and re-planned their wedding. They swapped their 100 person Toronto wedding in for an intimate backyard wedding at her parent’s house. If 2020 weddings have taught me anything, it’s that the scaling back of things has put the spotlight back to the core of a wedding – and that’s marrying your best friend. This photo was taken at sunset when I snuck Steph and Dustin away for a little alone time.”

– Jessilynn, Jessilynn Wong Photography

Fall Photography

“It was a radiant, warm day at High Park, even though it was already mid-fall. The numerous, brightly hued leaves were gently fluttering to the ground, blown by the rustling breeze. The bride was strolling through the path, with sunlight filtering through the branches above, casting shadows on the delicate, layered dress.”

– John, AGI Studio

Fall Photography

“Arielle and Shmuel caught the last moment of fall this year just a couple weeks before their wedding. High park is one of my favourite spots to take photos, as it has this amazing variety of natural foliage and manicured gardens; seeing it just evokes everything about our Canadian landscape. This year, the fall colours were so beautiful and this engagement session really captured the essence of the season!”

– Ryan Luminous Weddings

Fall Photography

“Love the fall colours, movement and love in this photo! It threatened to rain that day, but we kept an eye on the weather and were lucky to have nice and even overcast light – something fall has lots of! It’s definitely ok to not have a bright and sunny day for photos because clouds are nature’s soft box! The leaves were still on the trees in such beautiful vibrant colours! We went to Kew Gardens in the Beaches (Toronto’s East End) and enjoyed exploring together. I love how you can see Alex and Joe are having fun! The smiles on their faces are precious! So many people have sent compliments on those epic rust pleather pants too – Alex said she went shopping a number of times for the perfect engagement session outfit and I’d say she nailed it! Casual yet classic & cool! (I want a pair now!) ”

– Anastasia, Olive Photography

Fall Photography

“What’s better than a fall engagement session?! It’s the most popular time and busiest season for photographers for a reason! Christine and Paul jumped at the chance for a fall engagement session and I met them in the gorgeous High Park for a morning coffee. They showed up on their bikes with big smiles on their faces! We wandered the park immersing ourselves in the gorgeous colours and morning sun. I love the carefree smiles on their faces in this shot, spending an hour with them was easy to forget the wild world we’re living in!”

– Jennifer, Jennifer See Studios

Sara Monika, Photographer

Fall Photography

“Ann and Matt had originally planned to get married next year, but they decided to cancel that wedding date and elope instead! They shared a cozy and intimate getaway at Whispering Spring and got married under a cathedral of trees. They really wanted a photo with the sign at the entrance to tell the story of where they eloped and how beautiful of a fall day it was! <3”

– Sara, Sara Monika, Photographer

Lori Waltenbury

best of fall photography, 14

“This was one of my last portrait sessions of 2020, as I decided to close my books until early 2021 as I knew another lockdown was inevitable. This couple and I instantly clicked and were able to schedule a shoot for the following weekend! Since biking and nature was important to them, I decided to pick Sunnybrook Park as our location as there’s so many gorgeous fall colours and so much variety there!”

– Lori, Lori Waltenbury

Fall Photography

“Sometimes, fall can surprise you with beautiful warm days, with the softest, sweetest light. Jamie and Aiden’s engagement session in High Park was autumn at its finest.”

– Alix, Alix Gould Photography

best of fall photography, 15

“Misa & Josh not only had to reschedule their wedding plans multiple times, their wedding venue ended up closing a few weeks before their new wedding date! They had such great spirits and they still wanted to photograph their engagement session with the fall colours.

I wanted to capture their love amongst the beauty of the world as it is. With COVID-19, it is really easy to look at our situation and be frustrated. But when I photographed this very moment, I was reminded that we have so much to appreciate in life. Because even though these leaves have grown old, they are so beautifully full of light and colour. It is like when we find our match – no matter what happens, we have so much to look forward to. Growing old together is the most precious thing!”

– Samantha, Samantha Ong Photography

Eric Cheng Photography

Fall Photography

“The couple planned to elope in Jamaica, but had to change course once COVID hit. They’ve instead decided to have an engagement session in Canada at the trail in Guildwood Park to capture the beautiful fall colours. The sunset glistened through the red maple leaves and formed a golden halo around the couples – a perfect ethereal portrait.”

– Eric, Eric Cheng Photography

515 Photo Co.

Fall Photography Fall Photography

“Like so many newly engaged couples, Caitlin and Tyler recently became first time homeowners shortly after ‘popping the question’! As such, deciding to shoot their engagement photos in their new neighbourhood was a no brainer. During our session, we stumbled upon this beautiful wooded area and a path which led us into a magical autumn coloured wonderland. Oftentimes, you have to venture off the beaten path to find the best locations!”

– Mike, 515 Photo Co.

best of fall photography, 16

“Aisle exit. I love the excitement and energy of an aisle exit. The simultaneous feeling of we did it and let’s go celebrate!

– Lindsie, Lindsie Grey

Purple Tree Wedding Photography

Fall Photography Fall Photography

“We love how candid this moment was with Alyssa and her bridesmaids in the second shot! They just knew how to have fun the whole time, and looked amazing with their emerald green outfits popping out with the colours of fall.”

– Marielli, Purple Tree Wedding Photography

Diego Moura Photography

best of fall photography, 17

“Puddles and yellow leaves are synonymous with the fall for Diego and I, so when we saw this perfectly still puddle full of yellow Maple leaves, with just enough space between the leaves to fit a reflection of our couple, we knew we had a great shot in the making. With some patience from our couple and lots of perseverance on our end, we finally got the shot we’ve been searching for and were so stoked to immediately show them what we were creating!”

– Liza, Diego Moura Photography

Banga Studios

best of fall photography, 18 best of fall photography, 19

“We LOVE the vibrant colours in Chris and Megha’s stunning engagement shoot, but we think the main element of these photos is the deep intimate connection the couple has for each other. In the face of all the uncertainty we have been facing due to the pandemic, the one thing the couple describes that remained constant and kept them both grounded is their endless love and support for one another. From high school to now, they are each other’s rocks and it can be felt through these photos!”

– Simrin, Banga Studios

best of fall photography, 20

“I love fall because of all the textures, and this photo is a perfect example of how fields and plants come to life in the late fall and make the landscape so interesting to look at. I also love the gold and red tones that replace the strong greens of the summer, fall engagement sessions are always a favourite of mine.”

– Nikki, Nikki Mills