Your cake definitely plays a major role on your big day. Especially if your guest list is in the triple digits, you want to make sure that anyone you hire to make your cake knows what they are doing and will be able to handle your requests without causing you stress!

Here are the most important questions to ask your cake vendor before hiring them:

1. How are your cakes priced?

It is common practice for cakes to be priced per slice, and based on the complexity of the fillings, décor etc. Some vendors charge per tier, or will have a base price per slice with additional fees for customization.

2. Have you been to my venue before?

Prior knowledge of any obstacles is always a plus, especially when delivering a giant pastry. Knowing that your vendor has a plan for delivery will help put your mind at ease!

Cake Vendor

Photo Courtesy of Marcucci Photography | Cake: Cakelaine

3. Are you able to accommodate X amount of guests?

It’s important to make sure that your vendor is able to make a cake that will feed your entire guest list. For instance, if you have a guest list of 200 people, but the largest wedding the vendor has handled was under 60 – they may not have the experience for a larger wedding.

4. What’s the delivery and set up process? What are the associated fees?

Always, yes always, opt for your cake to be delivered and set up by the vendor. Most vendors have an associated cost with delivery and set up, so be sure to factor this into your overall cake budget. Make sure that they will be delivering and setting up well before your guests arrive.

5. Do you have an inclement weather plan?

Whether its heat, cold or rain, make sure that the vendor has a plan to make sure your cake arrives in tact and will remain that way until you’re ready to cut it!

Cake Vendor

Photo Courtesy of Samantha Clarke Photography | Cake: Nadia and Co

6. What are my filling options? Do you have any specialties?

Gone are the days when your choices were limited to chocolate and vanilla. Now there are about a million choices ranging from fruit purees to mocha and even spicy fillings!

7. Do you work with fondant or buttercream?

Some vendors specialize in fondant, while others prefer buttercream. And some do both. If you have your heart set on one type of frosting, confirm your vendor can work with it. They will also be able to suggest the best option for your wedding (i.e if it will be hot – you may want to opt for fondant!)

8. How far in advance will my wedding cake be prepared?

Remember, vendors have multiple clients and custom cakes take time to design, bake and build. Don’t be surprised if your cake is prepared a few days in advance! On that note, cake vendors know what they’re doing so trust their process.

9. Can I have a tasting before deciding on my final flavours?

Most vendors are happy to do a tasting for a fee that they will then put towards your cake if you decide to sign with them. It is important to make sure that you actually like the cake you buy!