After you’ve said ‘I do’ and dinner is underway, you may think that you have no more responsibilities for the day – BUT (!) there is one major thing you can’t forget. The “thank you” speech.

You and your partner will deliver the last speech of the evening wherein you say thank you to everyone for being there to celebrate with you. This speech is very important because you want to make sure that you don’t leave anyone out. Pro tip – don’t drink too much before you deliver your speech.

Here are some basic guidelines of what you should include, and who needs to be thanked so you don’t forget anyone!

Say Hello

Say hello and welcome and give a little love to your partner, share a bit of your love story and add some fun anecdotes about how you made it down the aisle.

Thank Your Vendors

Start with your vendors, and thank them by name for their contributions to your wedding day. This doesn’t need to be long winded, simply acknowledge them and say thank you.

Thank Your Guests

It is super important that you thank your guests for coming and helping you celebrate. Not only have they given up a day to be at your wedding, they have likely given you a gift as well. Do your best to make sure that each of your guests feel welcome and appreciated. FYI: Make sure you take time during dinner to visit each table and say hi as well!

Thank You Speech

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Thank Your MC

Your MC might have one of the hardest jobs of the night, and one of the most thankless. People underestimate how much effort goes into being an MC, planning the speech, keeping the flow going and finding the right balance between funny and subtle. Be sure to get a big round of applause going for your MC and don’t forget to give them a gift.

Thank Your Bridal Party

They have been there for your from engagement, to ‘I do’ and likely for many years before that. Now is the time to thank each of them individually and let them know that their contribution to your wedding means the world.

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Thank Your MOH/BM:

Always thank your Maid of Honour or Best Man last out of the bridal party. They have put in the most work and are likely your closest friend. Share how much their friendship means to you and what a pillar of strength they have been for you.

Thank Your Parents

This is a biggie. You can’t forget to thank your parents and your partners parents for everything they have done for you and your relationship. Call upon childhood memories and if you want to make someone cry – thank your partner’s parents for raising the human of your dreams, there won’t be a dry eye in the house.

Raise a Glass

At the end of your speech, grab a glass and toast to your guests – this will make everyone feel good and get the party started on the right foot!

When delivering your thank you speech, be sure to speak from the heart. Get a little mushy and let everyone know how much the day has meant to you and how much each of them being there made it that much better.