Julie and Darren’s love story is something straight out of a movie: after a fire damaged residence buildings at McMaster University, Julie needed to find a new place to live. The search and move were stressful so Julie was relieved to finally find a cute little spot to call home. Little did Julie know, she also found her future husband, Darren, in her new roommate!

From the BrideIt had only been two months since I’d moved into my residence during my first year at McMaster University when it caught on fire forcing all the students to find new homes for the year. Me and four of my friends began our search for a student house. We got in touch with a landlord who had a few properties. We knocked on the door of one of those properties and Darren and one of his roommates, our close friend now, opened the door. The house was perfect so we moved in the next day. That year, Darren and I just stayed friends, hanging out every day together becoming closer. We both knew there was interest there but we never dated. At the end of the school year, I moved out. That summer, we began hanging out more just one on one and since we no longer lived together we decided to give this dating thing a try. 9 years later we are married.

When they decided to tie the knot, they brought on board the lovely and renowned Karina Lemke to help plan the perfect summer wedding for them. The couple’s classic wedding at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club features a fabulous view of the Toronto skyline and the lake, giving Alix Gould the perfect backdrop for the photography.

As the radiant sun filled the day, white porches and fresh greens set the stage for the most gorgeous photo session.

From the BrideAs I was finishing up getting ready and just before the first look, I found myself overtaken with nerves. The photographer and the videographer were showing up, things were starting to get real. Making my way to where Darren would be standing waiting for the que from Naturally Captured, our videographer, my stomach was in knots. I began walking towards Darren, called out his name and he turned around with a giant smile on his face. All those knots and nerves were washed away. It was just him and I and everything felt right again and the day was going to be perfect. 

Perfect Summer Wedding

Martin from Ceremonies With Choice officiated Julie and Darren’s nupitals. They said their vows right at the edge of the water, with the wonderful cityscape as the backdrop.

Perfect Summer Wedding Perfect Summer Wedding

The reception in the RCYC’s nautical themed ballroom was elegantly simple: the ceilings, lined with skylights shaped like a ship’s portholes, fit perfectly with the navy chairs, which in turn, emphasized the crisp white tablecloths. Sailor knot rope balls and candles accentuated the florals designed by Cool, Green & Shady. The romantic ambiance was also ideal for the couple’s first dance. Live music performed by Shawn Brady kept the couple and their guests entertained throughout the evening.

Perfect Summer Wedding Perfect Summer Wedding

Naturally Captured captures all of the details in this sweet highlight reel.