Congratulations, you’re engaged! Taking the next step in your relationship is definitely an exciting time and an important milestone that you will want to share with your friends and family. Immediately after you get engaged there is a bit of a honeymoon phase where you and your future spouse are in absolute bliss – and in today’s landscape of social media, you might feel inclined to post about your engagement… over and over and over. Don’t get us wrong, you should absolutely post about your engagement if you’re into sharing your life on the gram, but there are some things you should definitely avoid doing.

1. Don’t post immediately: Yes, getting engaged is exciting however, you want to make sure that you tell all your close family and friends first before posting anything on social media. Imagine how you terrible you would feel if you found out your best friend was engaged from their story on Instagram.

Getting Engaged

2. Don’t post about your bridal party: Trust us, there will be someone out there who will be offended that they are not part of your bridal party, even if you are not that close. Your best bet is to keep your bridal party to yourself and don’t feel the need to announce who made the cut online.

3. Don’t post details about your wedding: This goes for almost everything to do with your wedding plans. There will be someone on your friends list that will have a very loud opinion on anything that you plan despite the fact that they might not even be invited. Furthermore, you don’t want any uninvited guests showing up on the day. To be safe, keep the details to yourself.

4. Don’t over post: We understand that getting engaged is exciting but you should be conscious of how much you are posting and try not to spam your friends and family with a million photos of your engagement.

Getting Engaged

5. Don’t post anything overly emotional or mushy: While you should absolutely celebrate your engagement and we understand that you want to share your happiness with your friends both on and offline… we suggest keeping your deepest emotions between you and your future spouse.

Monitoring the amount you post on social media about your engagement ensures that it remains something special between the two of you, rather than simply being a social media content creator– and, won’t it be nice to not have the entire world know every detail of your relationship? Happy Planning!