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Cheese Boutique is a blog vendor located in Toronto, Ontario. Browse their 3 blog posts.

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Jeremy Zavitz

February 2016

Great selection tucked away off of South Kingsway. I never knew this place existed until very recently and I've been missing out. Cheese Boutique is a treasure trove of specialty items and whatever you're looking for they are bound to have. Huge selections of quality oils, snacks, hot sauces, mustards, the list goes on and on. Then you get into their different departments, all of which are top notch. Their butcher has good cuts of meat (haven't tried these yet but the quality and attention to detail look great), the cheese selection is pretty great with a ridiculous amount of cheese to choose from, the bakery has some excellent treats as well as breads, pretzels, etc...Can't say enough good things about this place, the quality is really great and you should definitely check it out.The staff has always been extremely helpful and on the few times that I have asked someone for help with finding something or for their opinion on what I should get they are always happy to give suggestions and go over and above with assisting me. You can also often find people giving out samples on a regular basis so it's a good opportunity to try some new products.The only con is that parking is usually pretty hectic outside with all of the people coming here and nearby businesses. If you don't see parking immediately in front of the store or along the side of the road, there is also parking owned by the Cheese Boutique at the building across the street (3 spaces). It isn't very obvious when you are looking but there is a sign indicating that you can park here as well, so often you will see an opening there when everything else is full.Enjoy.

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