While the pandemic has and continues to throw a curveball in all of our lives, it’s also shown us that life is precious and it’s important to celebrate all that is good, including finding the love of your life! While big weddings are likely a ways off, small, intimate weddings are going strong and for good reason! With a lower guest count, couples are finding that a large chunk of their budget may be freed up which means that they have a little bit more to spend on items that weren’t originally on the list like…an over-the-top, intricate and creative wedding cake!

To get you inspired, we reached out to a handful of Toronto wedding cake designers and asked them to share their favourite cakes from the intimate 2020 wedding season. If you’re looking for a cake designer for your upcoming micro wedding wedding, the below vendors will be delighted to design some delectable beauty for you!

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Photos Courtesy of 515 Photo Co.

“I loved this cake so much because it was small and representative of the times we are living. The fondant was textured to mimic weathered stone while bringing in blush tones for a patina effect. It was inspired by French gardens, and it was perfect in its setting at Graydon Hall Manor for a micro wedding.”

– Nadia, Nadia and Co

Patricia's Cake Creations

wedding cakes toronto wedding cakes toronto

Photos Courtesy of Mango Studios

“I fell in love with this amazing family 2 years before their wedding! The design of the cake was intricate and elegant and perfect! It had moldings and leaves and gold. I loved that it incorporated a design element of a cake stand with intricate feet all made out of fondant! This cake was inspired by a cake I created for a photo shoot and it was amazing to customize it for this sweet couple.”

– Patricia, Patricia's Cake Creations

Yue Yue’s Cakes

wedding cakes toronto wedding cakes toronto

Photos Courtesy of Wowed Vows Studio

Michelle and Jorge tied the knot in a small, yet totally elegant micro wedding in the fall of 2020. Guests were treated to this stunning three-tiered cake designed by the talented Yue Yue.

wedding cakes toronto wedding cakes toronto

“What makes this cake unique is our love for Niagara. Our couple, Dharshika & Rory wanted to incorporate their favourite hangout location in their cake design while maintaining the rustic look of their theme. Sandra came up with the design of the day and night views of the Niagara Falls on the bottom tier of the cake using buttercream and a semi naked design for the two top tiers. This fitted perfectly into the theme and they loved it. ”

– Sandra, Fruitilicious Cakes

Finespun Cakes & Pastries

wedding cakes toronto wedding cakes toronto

“This mini 3 tiered cake is perfect for an intimate celebration! My clients wanted to shower the cake with sugar flowers and have not too many servings leftover. They left me with a lot of creative flexibility to create these ‘pressed’ sugar flowers, which were a fun and creative take on the classic floral wedding cake. I loved the artistic freedom and the French blue buttercream is such an elegant colour choice.”

– Alexandria, Finespun Cakes & Pastries

wedding cakes toronto wedding cakes toronto

“One of my favourite cakes from this past season would have to be the white on white textural cake we created for an intimate wedding held at the Arlington Estate in Kleinberg, Ontario. The fabric-like ruffles create movement across the cake and add the perfect touch of detail to create a modern looking cake perfect for today’s bride. The slender tiers are great for more initiate gatherings, serving a smaller crowd, they add height to the cake so it does not get lost in a large space.”

– Daniela, Sweet Regards

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Photo Courtesy of Philosophy Studios

“This is definitely a favourite 2020 cake inspired by the beauty of the aging process in fall. What’s amazing about these micro weddings is that our couples are allowing us to be far more creative. The budgets are a bit more flexible now allowing for more intricate designs.”

– Sharleen, Sweet Celebrations

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Photos Courtesy of Beautiful Life Studios

“Erica and Matejs were supposed to get married in April 2020, then postponed to November 2020, but then decided to change it to September 2020 – and they are soooo glad they did, as that was when the gathering numbers had increased. It is my favourite wedding cake this year as Erica loved the look of the sugar flowers I made. Instead of choosing fresh florals (which tends to be the trend) she insisted on handmade sugar flowers, which I LOVE and enjoy making. They did reduce the size of the cake due to the gathering limitations, but it was still beautiful (buttercream finish with handmade sugar flowers)!”

– Nicole, Cakeity Cakes