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Deluxe Limo & Party Bus

Deluxe Limo and Party Bus Toronto is known for its world class customer service, unique and luxurious products and personable friendly drivers. We will go the extra mile to ensure that YOUR special day goes off without a hitch! Call us today for amazing rates for even more amazing service.

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Deluxe Limo & Party Bus


October 2017

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We had a pick-up time of 5:30 and the driver did not show up until 6:15-6:20. It clearly states in the terms and conditions that "You will not be entitled to any sort of compensation if the vehicle arrives within 30min of the scheduled pick-up time" The driver was over 45min late which caused the whole party to be late and we all missed out on the door prize because of how late we were. On top of the driver being extremely late, he had no idea where he was and we had to tell him how to get out of the neighborhood. When we finally got to our venue he dropped us off at least a 10min walk away from the entrance which cased us to be even later.
On top of how late he was the bus was DISGUSTING!!! It literally smelled like fish and the washroom was worse than any porta potty I've ever seen. Completely dirty, smelled horrible and there was no toilet paper.
Every single person on that bus was disgusted.
One of the reasons we ordered a party bus was to listen to music and the aux cord didn't even work on the bus which totally defeats the point.
On top of everything we went though the driver had the audacity to say that I was short $100 when he picked us up.
To make a horrible experience even worse, the company has charged me $250 I'm assuming for a cleaning, which is completely outrageous considering what the bus looked like and smelled like when we were picked up.
I am extremely disappointed with your company and service.

Deluxe Limo & Party Bus

Chris Saltertop

December 2016

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I have used Deluxe for both Limos and Party Buses for Birthdays and even my wedding in Toronto and I have always been extremely happy with the service :). The drivers are extremely professional, the vehicles themselves are awesome and the phone support is very helpful. Don't change a thing guys and keep up the great work! (advice: if you want a good bachelorette / bachelor vehicle they have the Circusbus. It's a little wild and crazy so be warned, but totally unique and A LOT of fun!

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