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Destiny Dawn Photography


October 2019

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Destiny was a pleasure to work with and was unbelievable on our wedding day. She was prompt and very efficient with all the group family photos. She made myself, my husband and our two kids feel so comfortable with all the pictures. She was great with kids and she got them to look and feel natural, nothing was forced. She made the photos such a fun part of our day and one of my favorite times as a family was taking pictures and laughing together. She checked in with me and made sure she had captured everything and anything that I wanted with no complaints. I would high recommend Destiny for any of your events! She has a great eye and is passionate about what she does and it shows in her work.

Destiny Dawn Photography

Megan Radford de Barrientos

July 2019

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Destiny quite simply made our wedding photo dreams come true. Because I work for a non-profit, and due to an expensive sponsorship immigration process for my husband, our budget was limited. But Destiny worked within our budget, despite the fact that her work is worth far more than we paid. From the beginning, she was more than a photographer. She was a sounding board for my ideas and frustrations with the wedding planning process. She was an encourager and a friend. She worked around our schedule, and made time for us despite her busy role as a mom and business owner. She came over to my house to talk wedding even with a broken leg and crutches! During our summer engagement session she made my husband, who hasn't typically loved having his photo taken, feel comfortable. We had so much fun, it was such a great memory. On the day of the wedding, Destiny was right on time- in fact she got to the venue long before I did! She and her assistant were professional and efficient. They blended into the background when needed, corralled my family into all the right shots, and even gave me a granola bar before the ceremony when I realized I hadn't had lunch! We were so anxious to get our photos back, and it was hard to wait the few months (average time for a photographer, especially one as busy as Destiny), but in the end it was so worth it. Our photos are more beautiful than we even dreamed of. Our friends have told us that they have never seen wedding photos as beautiful as these, and we have to agree! She captured little moments and memories so perfectly. I seriously cannot say enough good things about how wonderful Destiny was, and how glad I am that we chose her to be our photographer. Thank you Destiny for going so far above and beyond, and creating keepsakes that we, our family, and hopefully our children will treasure forever.

Destiny Dawn Photography


February 2019

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Destiny was the photographer for our wedding/engagement shoot and we couldn’t ask for a better photographer to be apart of our love story. We have memories to last for a lifetime and that’s because of Destiny. She is so insanely talented capturing the most timeless moments imaginable. She also blended well in the crowd and background. This is a real credit toward her talent that we got so many wonderful candid moments! Not to mention how truly talented Destiny is. But, Destiny is also one of the most kindest and gentlest souls I have met. Our family and friends are still raven about how professional she was during our big day. She made everyone feel so comfortable. She also helped and assisted with our timelines to ensure our day was absolutely perfect. She went above and beyond in terms of customer services and met all of her contractual agreements, timelines, and professional expectations. She was true to her word and delivered all of her gorgeous images on time!! Destiny is truly one of a kind and I would hire her in a heart beat! Thank you Destiny for sharing your gift to the world - I am still in awe at all the gorgeous images you captured. You truly have a gift and I am so blessed to have you apart of our big day!!!

Destiny Dawn Photography


Second review form the same IP

February 2019

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Destiny Dawn cancelled 3 weeks before wedding and wanted to keep the deposit. She did not provide engagement session, and did not answer calls or emails for over a month, she said she was at a cottage and busy with her boyfriend's construction business, and her kids. Hire an accredited professional.

Destiny Dawn Photography

Destiny Dawn Photography Response from owner

Hi Janet,

First off, I want to thank you for taking the time to voice your frustrations regarding my business. Feedback is definitely one of the biggest ways to create a better experience for my customers moving forward, and I am always open to learning, growing, and cultivating an exceptional business experience for all my clients who retain me.

With that said, although your feedback is appreciated, I do feel that it does need to be rooted in truth I order for it to be an accurate representation of who I am, and how I conduct my business.

I pride myself in ensuring all my clients are taken care of every step of the way, and I was very sad that was not able to be a part of Victoria and Duncan’s wedding this past August. In all my years of being in business I have never once had to part ways with my clients before a wedding day. As I mentioned in the email to your daughter (whom I was retained by) it was not an easy decision for me to make in any way. I was left with no alternative solution when the decision not pay me was made and honoured as originally agreed and signed in the legal contract I provide all my clients with before commencing business together.

As I am sure you can appreciate my business is small and any time I spend with my clients is time spent away from my family. So not receiving payment that was agreed upon not only affects myself but my family directly; as just like this situation I booked 98% of my couples a year or two in advance and filling those dates does not come easily when timeframes are so short.

I only decided not to capture the wedding after numerous attempts to coordinate with your daughter, fell on deaf ears and made very clear to me via emails, telephone calls etc that paid was not going to be made. I tried everything to ensure I have ample lead time for the engagement session etc, and found it challenging because of the groom being in Ottawa and the bride being in a job that was very busy.

To be honest I think the bride and groom are lovely individuals and to be fair have never been rude to me, or treated me disrespectfully. To that end though, my contract was breached and not upheld on their side thus leaving me no alternative but to cancel my services as final payment was past due, and with no foreseeable future of me retaining the fees owed to me.

I believe I acted with integrity throughout the whole process, even offering to return the non-refundable deposit, when legally the full balance was owed to me as well as the deposit. But just as I said to her, I am not out to ruin someone’s wedding day. I would never want to create that type of a reaction, that is why I returned the funds to her, and closed off our relationship on a positive note.

My heart and love is for people, that’s why I had no reservations about giving her, her money back. It was the right thing to do, and I stand by my choice to do the right thing even when I wasn’t being treated respectfully, and honoured on the other side of things.

I am truly sorry that you felt it was necessary to say hurtful things about my business and myself, given your knowledge of actual events.

I only hope that wedding was all the bride and groom dreamed it to be. As I said to her in my closing email, I wish them a lifetime of happiness, love and prosperity.

Wishing you the same.

Thanks again for your feedback.

Love + Light,


Destiny Dawn Photography


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Not only are Destiny's photos absolutely stunning; but I had the pleasure of meeting her during my clients wedding. She's such a sweet person and the bride and groom absolutely loved her. In my experience, it's always an amazing and unique thing to find a photographer who can make the subject of their photos feel at ease and completely comfortable in front of the lens. With this and her amazing eye for the perfect shot, I would recommend Destiny for your upcoming wedding!

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