Drawing from Lunar New Year family dinners in years past, Asian Fusion Weddings sought to incorporate pops of green, Patone’s colour of the year for 2017, instead of the Chinese traditional red, for a fresh take on tradition in the first part of this gorgeous creative at Aga Khan Museum. Beautifully shot by Pepper and Light – who doubled as a creative director for both shoots as well – you’ll want to check out this gorgeous stylized shoot.

Wendy, Asian Fusion Weddings: “Chinese New Year is always celebrated with friends and family at home, and eating together is always part of the 15 day celebrations. Although food is a very important element at these get-togethers, often times the visual and aesthetic experience for our guests may be overlooked. For this very reason, our team wanted to showcase two very distinct looks that anyone can do at home. These decorative ideas are really simple to execute, but they really do enhance the dining table tremendously.” 

Stationery and flat lay stylings courtesy of Maison MaquetteJewelry provided by H & F Jewellery

Stunning wedding gowns provided by Dina Alonzi Bridal, Men’s attire courtesy of TYTAN, Classica, and JAY+DEE

The Year of the Dog becomes a chic celebration, with the help of sophisticated Bonsai trees from Tropical Expressions, dreamy paper lanterns by Toronto Paper Lanterns, gorgeous decor in clean neutral shades with pops of jade and emerald, courtesy of Jackie O Florists, and, of course, adorable pups from Merlin’s Hope Rescue (adorably styled by El Cachorrocouture).

Year of the Dog

A traditional dinner suddenly becomes timely and stylish, thanks to glam table top rentals from Chair-man Mills, modern tables and chairs from Detailz Couture Event Rentals and a cool table vinyl by Designer Dance Floors (Exotik Wrapz).

Year of the Dog

The delectable Chinese-inspired sweets table was created by the talented minds at Nadia and Co.

Year of the Dog

The second look put together by Formosa Events takes a softer, more feminine approach to the New Year by incorporating subtle shades of pinks and purples to the celebration. A sleek tone, as well as the addition of a sports car, adds a hint of modern masculinity to the shoot.

Wendy, Asian Fusion Weddings: Another design feature that our team really encapsulated in both shoots was the “Yin and Yang” concept. The first table featured a bold approach with the use of Bonsai trees.  It translated into a more sophisticated masculine feel.  The second table donated a more feminine touch with an abundance of flowers in shades of soft pinks and purples. 

How about these awesome lion dancers from the Wushu Project?

Bright florals, brilliant shades of purple and pink, as well as soft candlelight, brought a dreamy and soft ambiance to the dinner table. Different textures, including bamboo and lace, created another dimension of yin and yang that parlayed perfectly with the rest of the shoot.

Year of the DogYear of the Dog

The Shangri-La Hotel, Toronto served as the backdrop for these delicious food shots!

Year of the Dog Models Crystal and Gabriel from Elite Model 

For more information and behind-the-scenes footage from this gorgeous creative, don’t miss the video put together by the team at Images Life Media.

Toronto Photographers Share Their Most Romantic Engagement Shots

The most romantic day of the year is upon us – that’s right, Valentines Day is finally here! As tradition has it, the day is typically celebrated with cards, chocolates, flowers and romantic gestures – sometimes even a proposal or two (or 3, or 4, or 10+)! So, in the spirit of love and with the help of some of the most talented photographers in the city, we wanted to celebrate this special day by sharing some of our favourite romantic engagement shots with you.

We had so much fun putting this one together. Not only are the photos stunning, the stories behind them will melt your heart!

Ally & Nicholas Photography

Romantic Engagement

“This session is one we’ll cherish always not only because these two exude romance, but because a massive storm was happening all around us except for Niagara-on-the-Lake. We could see the storm in Toronto from across Lake Ontario when all of a sudden the sun burst out over us. We were the only ones by the lake. The quiet, and the colours in the sky in combination with their connection was so romantic. James ever so sadly lost both of his parents and we all felt this was a sign from them, sending their love. It gave us all chills. The whole session was spent watching in awe.”

– Ally, Ally & Nicholas Photography

Fox Photography

Romantic Engagement

“This proposal/engagement session was definitely one for the books! He brought her to the park and proposed to her as a surprise, and had arranged for her friends to come and hold up a ‘will you marry me’ sign. This was one of the photos taken afterwards. He proposed at sunset but the sun had gone down before we could take more. However because it was late, nobody was at the park, it was silent and peaceful. The proposal was full of excitement with the couple and their friends, in contrast to the quiet moment they had when everyone had gone.

I love how the small amount of light that was left still hit their faces before it disappeared so quickly over the horizon.”

– Michelle, Fox Photography

The Love Studio

Romantic Engagement

“Kaity and Jesse have the most romantic of love stories: the minute he met her, he said he would marry her…and he did! There is an electricity between these two, the way they look at each other across the room, the way they touch. Kaity and Jesse invited us to Miami where they now live, to shoot their engagement session which extended over two days. This image was captured at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, in the lush gardens surrounding the site. We love how the entangled tree roots behind them mimic the way the two lovers are intertwined in an embrace.”

– Andreea, The Love Studio

Mango Studios

“Engagement photo sessions are a great opportunity to get to know your photographer, and for us it’s the best time to get to know YOU! Before you go to your neighborhood park for your engagement pictures, consider what really inspires the two of you and look for a place that reflects that. If you’re into camping, you could drive up north for some awesome hiking pics. If exploring new trendy restaurants in town is more your thing, you could book a table for two at a newly opened bar and have us take sweet, candid photos in that space. The key here is to set the scene for your engagement photos.

I really loved how Francesca and Francesco (yes, these are their real names!) opted for a mini road trip for their engagement shoot. They are both avid travelers and love spending their time exploring what beautiful Ontario has to offer. So, embarking on a road trip to an apple orchard was a no-brainer! Don’t be afraid to take us with you onto your next adventure! Once you find yourself at a place that truly inspires you, you will see that your engagement photos are a true reflection of your love.”

– Ayyyna, Mango Studios

Purple Tree Wedding Photography

“It’s a scene from a movie! Sunset photo on a beach as the wind blows. How can you not feel the sparks between Amanda and Daniel?”

– Svetlana, Purple Tree Wedding Photography

HRM Photography

“Olivia and Ryan’s beach photo session was a matter of fate after multiple reschedules due to rain, and Ryan (who is in the armed forces) being called out to help with flooding in Quebec. This session just didn’t seem like it was going to happen. We had originally hoped for spring blossoms but they were gone by the time a new date was finally set. Olivia said, “I wish we could go just to the beach!” I cancelled my plans for the rest of the evening and said “why not!” I love the feeling that there is no one else around in these photos, and Olivia and Ryan are so caught up in their engaged affection that they stepped right into the water!”

– Heather, HRM Photography

Rhythm Photography

“This is my favourite engagement photo of these two because when I look at this photo I feel that it really showcases their cuteness, love and sweetness towards one another. Just the way they look at each other makes my heart melt! These two are adorable and completely inseparable! ”

– Anita, Rhythm Photography

AGI Studio

“Dusk falls, the lights were bleak with the last shade of light glazing over the horizon of the lake view. The crisp composition of the reflective water and the painted sky highlights the symmetric preposition of the three subjects – the family (left), the couple (middle) and the cyclist (right). It was the photographer’s intention to capture the essence of love in life, which can be interpreted as a state of mind and a romantic process. Using the bridge as a platform to run the course of our lives, from right to left, a hectic cyclist soaring across the bridge with no intention to stop, a couple who just got engaged savoring the moment of their lives, and a family of three on drifting peacefully through the bridge in confidence. We feel that it perfectly resembles a person’s journey to marriage.”

– Polk, AGI Studio

Simply Lace Photography

“This session was one of the most spontaneous sessions I’ve done. We only scheduled it because of the snow storm that was about to hit the GTA and these two were all up for it. It couldn’t have been a better fit for them, I mean even her engagement ring is in the shape of a snow flake! How unique and special!”

– Bruna, Simply Lace Photography

Jennifer See Studios

“Steph and Liz were so excited to get their engagement photos done, we decided to meet in the Beaches and wander the streets together making our way to the water. The whole session they were wrapped up in each other! Totally in their own world, only breaking out to converse and laugh with me. I cannot wait to see these two beautiful ladies make the biggest commitment to each other in August!”

– Jennifer, Jennifer See Studios

5ive15ifteen Photo Company

“We love this image of Stephanie and Dusan shot at the Evergreen Brickworks because it’s all about them! No fussy props or over the top backdrops; beautiful autumn light and a couple that are truly in love – the perfect recipe for a romantic engagement photo.”

– Eric, 5ive15ifteen Photo Company


“This fun-loving young couple are both hopeless romantics! At time of this shoot, they were expecting their first child, symbolized by the balloons we let free! What started as a simple engagements session turned into a beautiful creative between us and the couple! It was so easy to document such pure, effortless love.”

– Justine, Gennarino.ca Photography


“Joanne and David wanted their engagement photos to be epic and dramatic. Planned for November, using some indoor space was a must, and the vaulting arches and Gothic architecture of Knox College fit the bill perfectly. The couple opted for formal attire, Joanne in an evening gown and David in a tuxedo, lending a level of romance to the shoot. This image in particular is a favourite because despite the couple looking outwards rather than towards each other, the connection between them is unmistakable.”

– Alex, Ikonica Images

Olive Photography

“This photo comes from right after he proposed – an actual “just engaged” photo! They are originally from Michigan but he moved to Toronto for work. He wanted to surprise her with a very ‘Toronto’ proposal spot when she came to visit – what better option than a birdseye view above the city? We timed his proposal so that they could watch as the night lights started twinkling along the skyline. It was epic, and so perfect.”

– Anastasia, Olive Photography

Nikki Mills

“Ian and Jill started their engagement session at Home of the Brave – the site of their very first date together. I think it’s so romantic to return to the place that started it all as they moved into the next chapter of life together. After that we wandered around the neighbourhood taking photos along the way.”

– Nikki, Nikki Mills

Toronto Wedding Studios

“Engagement photo shoots are a great excuse to plan an awesome date with your partner. It’s all fun, from choosing your favourite location to your favourite pair of shoes (or no shoes) and everything in between. I encourage everyone who chooses to do engagement photos to really have fun with it and make the most out of the opportunity. The benefit is that your photos will be meaningful, real and look great. Lauren and Derek did just that and they had a blast. Their love for each other is truly inspiring. I particularly love this photo because they were absolutely spontaneous, loving and in the moment. It felt as they were not aware of my presence at all.”

– Rudo, Toronto Wedding Studios

Deborah and Richard’s Intimate Urban Wedding at Archeo

Love urban charm but also dig modern elegance? Then Deborah and Richard’s big day at the Archeo is definitely for you.

Perfectly planned by Ashley Pigott Events, this intimate wedding, filled with delicate details plus a moody palette, packs a powerful punch. Luckily the talented lens of Ikonica was on hand to capture each memorable moment. You’ll want to Pin this one!

P.S. Fun fact: this fun-loving couple are fellow industry professionals, both working at FireDog Creative!

Toronto’s Distillery District served as the perfect backdrop for the couple’s romantic photo session, which blended a chic cityscape with charming rustic elements.

Urban Wedding

The intimate industrial space played perfectly into the cozy vibe of the romantic reception. Artam Design Inc. provided the modern furniture and decor, including the slick chairs and dainty, vintage inspired accessories; all of which were combined with classic elements for an urban feel. Put all of that together with tons of soft candlelight, charming stationery from Palettera Custom Correspondences, and simple-yet-sophisticated florals, and you have one gorgeous night downtown in the city. Michael Coombs Entertainment got the crowd to their feet, ending the evening on a joyous and fun note.

Urban Wedding Urban Wedding

Urban Wedding Urban Wedding


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