Every bride deserves to feel like a princess on her wedding day, and the Hacienda Sarria proved to be the perfect venue for Cynthia and Sean’s fairy tale wedding. Rainbow Chan brought this couple’s dream wedding to life. From the pink floral invitation suite to the bride’s golden crown, this wedding is like something out of a storybook!

From the Bride: As a bride, no wedding is better than one that you can really enjoy! We had always dreamed of a wedding that would be warm, intimate and special. The preparation was like an adventure for us and Rainbow was able to perfectly compile all of our ideas and turn them into our dream wedding day!

Lucky for us, Artiese Studio was there to capture all the beautiful moments from this elegant wedding.

Hacienda Sarria Hacienda Sarria

Cynthia and Sean had a beautiful outdoor ceremony officiated by Kettle Creek Weddings. Their adorable dogs were incorporated into the ceremony and walked down the aisle before Cynthia. The couple exchanged vows under three beautiful pink floral arches, surrounded by the gorgeous grounds of the hacienda.

Hacienda Sarria Hacienda Sarria Hacienda Sarria Hacienda Sarria Hacienda Sarria

The Spanish-style courtyard and ballroom was the perfect setting for the newlyweds’ reception. Outside, soft blush fabrics lined the guest tables that were elegantly decorated with gold accents and cascading pink-and-white florals designed by Weddings by Ardenian. The newlyweds’ sat at their own table that was sweetly decorated with tulle, florals and floating candles. The floral arches from the ceremony were re-purposed for the reception and framed the sweetheart table at the head of the reception perfectly! Inside, the ballroom was decorated with flowing fabric, twinkling fairy lights, greenery and floating candles which added to the romantic ambiance. A delicious 3-tiered cake adorned with floral designs and real flowers by Ian Cakery capped off this elegant affair.

Hacienda Sarria Hacienda Sarria Hacienda Sarria Hacienda Sarria Hacienda Sarria Hacienda Sarria Hacienda Sarria Hacienda Sarria Hacienda SarriaHacienda Sarria Hacienda Sarria Hacienda Sarria Hacienda Sarria Hacienda Sarria Hacienda Sarria Hacienda Sarria Hacienda Sarria

It’s not everyday that high school sweethearts are able to make their love go the distance but Amanda and Pat did just that – they met and fell in love in high school and through the years, were able to make their relationship work and started planning the wedding of their dreams last year. After searching for that perfect venue, they decided to hold their big day at The Manor in Kettleby, Ontario. The venue’s large property offers green grounds and small ponds that provided gorgeous backdrops for magical photos! Inside the venue, the couple decided on a gold and burgundy colour palette with hints of navy blue. Lucky for us, Olive Photography was on hand to capture all of the pretty details!

Dressed in silk robes, Amanda and her bridesmaids started off the day popping champagne and sharing laughs.

high school sweethearts high school sweethearts

To celebrate where their love story began, the couple had a few photos taken in the hallways of a school, followed by a beautiful photo session along The Manor‘s vast grounds.

high school sweethearts high school sweethearts high school sweethearts high school sweethearts high school sweethearts high school sweetheartshigh school sweethearts high school sweethearts

The reception was absolutely sparkling! The large, bright room was set in gold and white. The head table wore a shimmering gold tablecloth and was filled with abundant florals and plenty of candles. Guests sat in gold-framed chairs while eating dinner on gold-rimmed plates that encircled a gold-wrapped centerpiece designed by Hillcrest Florist. The tables hugged a large dance floor in the center of the room, so everyone could watch Amanda and Pat as they danced together as a married couple for the first time. Soon after, guests joined them on the floor and they had a wonderful night dancing with the newlywed high-school sweethearts!

high school sweethearts


One of the biggest issues that couples face in the planning process is burnout. Let’s face it, planning a wedding is not for the faint of heart… There’s the seating chart that will never make everyone happy; the potential for family drama; bridal showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties and of course the actual getting married part. It can be extremely overwhelming, especially for the bride that is not usually the center of attention and maybe doesn’t want to be.

Enter the Solomoon

Recently, there has been an increase in popularity of brides taking a pre-wedding vacation, and we don’t mean with their soon-to-be spouse, we mean solo. Yes, that’s right, brides (and grooms) are opting to take getaways on their own before saying ‘I do’.

That is exactly what a solomoon is: It’s a solo vacation taken pre-wedding that gives you the chance restore and recharge you for the big day. Sounds great, right?

While some people have opted for extravagant all-inclusive getaways, others simply spend a weekend doing all of their favourite things. This shouldn’t be regarded as a way to get away from your soon-to-be spouse, but rather a way to honour yourself and toast this new chapter before all the craziness begins.

So, take a beat, honour your awesome solo side, and recharge. Head into your wedding feeling grounded, and ready to take on this new adventure.



Why the Solomoon is Great

A solomoon allows you to actually take time to make yourself and self-care a top priority. A lot of people say that the wedding is always about the bride but let’s face it, most brides are running around trying to keep everyone else happy that they end up forgetting to actually breathe, let alone take care of themselves. Does that sound like you? Then maybe a solomoon is exactly what you need to remind you not to burn out before the big event.

Deciding what Solomoon to Take

Now is not the time to take that three-week Asia tour, or go one some risky adrenaline trip, especially if you’ve never traveled solo before. The solomoon is for taking time to honour what makes you ‘you’. Do you see yourself on the beach? Getting a massage? How about in a trendy neighbourhood full of great food and art? This is your chance to do exactly what you want and make it all about you.


Is your partner a little jealous of your awesome solo adventure? Suggest you both take solomoons on the same week/weekend. What makes the solomoon great is that there is no wrong way to do it, do what feels right and the rest will fall into place.


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