Hosted at Toronto’s historic landmark venue, Liberty Grand Entertainment Complex, you’re going to love today’s real wedding.

A vibrant late Fall colour palette, rich lush decor, and a few heartfelt moments, this wedding has a little something for everyone to enjoy.

Talented photographers David & Sherry captured every moment of the day right up to the amazing sparkler send off!

david&sherryphotography0001 david&sherryphotography0002 david&sherryphotography0003 david&sherryphotography0004 david&sherryphotography0005 david&sherryphotography0005a david&sherryphotography0006 david&sherryphotography0007 david&sherryphotography0008 david&sherryphotography0009 david&sherryphotography0010 david&sherryphotography0011 david&sherryphotography0012 david&sherryphotography0013

Evergreen Brick Works makes for the perfect wedding photo location: the vibrant street art, the exposed brick, the rustic ambience – it’s the perfect backdrop! We love the contrast of the elegance of our couple and the bright street art.

david&sherryphotography0014 david&sherryphotography0015 david&sherryphotography0017 david&sherryphotography0018 david&sherryphotography0019 david&sherryphotography0021 david&sherryphotography0022

After the photo session, it was time to head inside the magnificent ballroom for the reception!

david&sherryphotography0023 david&sherryphotography0026 david&sherryphotography0028 david&sherryphotography0040

What a way to leave your reception!

david&sherryphotography0045 david&sherryphotography0046