How Much Does it Really Cost to be a Bridesmaid?

When your best friend gets engaged it is very exciting – and when she asks you to stand beside her as she says ‘I do’ to her future spouse, it’s even more exciting. A lot of the time though, bridesmaids agree to the job before considering the costs associated with the role. Being a bridesmaid […]


4 Reasons Why You’ll Want to Get Hitched in the Fall

Remember that movie about the bride who was totally obsessed with a June wedding? So much so that she wouldn’t even consider another date? Oh wait… that’s so many bridal movies! Let’s be honest, summer has always taken the spotlight when it comes to ‘the best time’ to get hitched – but, there is another […]


5 Ways to Make Your Large Wedding Celebration Feel Intimate

When you think of the stereotypical wedding, you think of large banquet halls, dry chicken and generic taffeta – this might be why there has been a backlash against the ‘big’ wedding in favour of smaller affairs. With that being said, sometimes it just isn’t possible to shrink your guest list down to create an […]


Planning Tip: How To Create a Killer Wedding Hashtag

Ah, wedding hashtags… low key the most fun part of a wedding to plan! Wedding hashtags are awesome because it allows you to find all your guests photos in one convenient place on social media. This is great because you’ll get to see all the fun that your guests had and it will keep you […]


Hiring a Wedding Videographer Might be the Best Decision You Make

Weddings can be expensive, that’s not a secret, so when you’re planning one, you need to be mindful of budget and make sure you don’t overspend on things that aren’t necessary. You would be hard pressed today to find a couple who has not hired a photographer, but couples often wonder if a videographer is […]


6 Fun Ways to Show off Your Personality at Your Wedding

No one wants their wedding to be boring, or worse, forgettable – especially since you have likely spent months and months planning out every single detail. Many couples want their personalities to shine through at their wedding and of course there are the obvious solutions like photographs. However, there are a lot more fun, and […]


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