This year, weddings have looked a little different. From Zoom weddings, to intimate elopements and sadly, some events being pushed off entirely– we have adapted to a new normal.

But we have also seen rise of a COVID-19 trend for weddings that we are totally here for: the two-step wedding. Yes, many couples are opting for a small, intimate ceremony/elopement in the near future and then planning to tear it up with a big party in 2021. What could be more fun than a big wedding? Two weddings!

So, what are some things to consider when planning a two-step wedding.

The Guests

The Ceremony: Keeping the guest list intimate and limited to your closest friends and family will make your ceremony extra special. We suggest inviting only your Maid of Honour/Best Man as well as a few key family members.

The Reception: Once we are given the green light– revamp your guest list with everyone you want to toast with and get ready to party like its 1999!

COVID-19 Trend

Photo Courtesy of EC3 Moments

The Attire

The Ceremony: Since you won’t need to worry about the practical things like “can I spend twelve hours in this dress?” or “will I be able to dance?” you have full reign to wear whatever you want for your ceremony.

The Reception: Since you are having a second party– you either get to wear your dream dress again or opt for something a little more trendy! The world is your oyster.

The Food

The Ceremony: Since your guest list will be minimal, we suggest following your “I dos” with an intimate dinner for you and your guests. Good food, good wine and all the love you can handle!

The Reception: Since you won’t be expecting your guests to dedicate a whole day to your wedding, you can trade in the plated meal for a less formal cocktail style reception later in the evening, or during an afternoon.

The Budget

Be sure to discuss the budget before planning either event so that you don’t end up over spending! We suggests using your total wedding budget for both events and deciding how much to allocate to each. For instance: Will you need a photographer for both days? Will you need hair and make up for both events? Etc.

The Gifts

Since your ceremony will likely be only close family members and your Maid of Honour/Best Man, it is unlikely that these individuals are required to give you a gift. However, having a small registry will help those that do. When it comes time for the reception, be sure to update your registry to stay current with what is being offered and have a place for your guests to put their cards and gifts upon arrival.