Early 2020 brought with it the COVID-19 pandemic that has resulted in months of isolation and uncertainty for many – we have had to adapt to new ways to work as well as not being able to celebrate major life milestones in person. But that doesn’t mean that life needs to be put on hold.

If you and your partner got engaged during quarantine you may be feeling a little awkward about celebrating and it’s completely understandable. In fact, you may be feeling guilty about celebrating especially if you know someone who has personally been affected by the crisis.

But just because the world seems to be ending, doesn’t mean you need to put your life on pause, or downplay significant life moments. So, if you’re wondering if it would be tacky to announce or celebrate your engagement during quarantine, the answer is NO! You should 100% celebrate your big news.

quarantine engagement

There are plenty of reasons that couples get engaged in quarantine. Maybe a special date or anniversary is passing and it cannot be missed, or maybe this whole ordeal has brought them closer than ever. Whatever the reason, attention must be paid.

So, what is the best way to celebrate your quarantine engagement?

  1. Zoom parties or virtual cocktail hour: We love a good Zoom party and this is a great way to celebrate with your close friends and family, especially if you won’t be able to celebrate in person until after travel bans are lifted (which could be a while)
  2. A fun photo or video announcement: Hire a photographer for a socially distanced photo shoot to announce your engagement. It will help you commemorate a special moment in your relationship and bonus, you’ll support a local business and have some photos to use at future parties!
  3. A belated engagement party: Whether we are in quarantine for three months, or three years, it is important to celebrate with the people you love with an engagement party after the proposal. So, let your nearest and dearest know that as soon as we are all allowed to hang out again, you will toast your big news.

Getting engaged is a big deal, even if your proposal ends up being a little more subdued than you originally planned. So, it’s important that you celebrate accordingly. Take time to celebrate each other and your relationship, during and after quarantine.