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Coventry Transportation

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Coventry Transportation

Steve Chadwick

September 2017

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On Aug 5th 2017, I ordered a SUV limo from coventry for my wedding to travel from the St. Catherine's Holiday Inn to Honsberger Estate. The wrong vehicle arrived at the hotel, which was a short bus. I was told by the driver that he didn't know anything about it and when he went to pick up the vehicle, he was directed to use the short bus. I then asked the driver to contact his supervisor so I could speak to him because this was unacceptable. The man I spoke with was named Bob and he told me that they would not be able to get the right vehicle as per the contract. I told him I would contact him next week to discuss some sort of reimbursement. The following week I tried reaching out to Bob which was not very easy and finally on Aug 14th we were able to agree that I would be reimbursed. After another week I still received no reimbursement and I was transfered on to a lady named Doanna Mallory. I was told they were having some issues with there system and I should be reimbursed 7 - 10 business days after Aug 24th. Well now it is Sept 11th and I have still not received anything. This is absolutely unacceptable and although it is not a large amount of money, it is the principle. Extremely bad form on Coventry's behave and very poor business ethic.

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