Knox College

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Knox College


February 2020

This is a perfect location for photography. There's a beautiful hallway crossing through the courtyard.

Knox College

Smile A Mile

July 2019

Rude staff and management. Lack of basic common sense, knowledge of the law and simple human decency. They are what 2000 years ago Pharisees were in the Bible. These people do NOT live by Christian standards and are massive hypocrites who are only interested in money by renting out rooms, facilitates, their on-site church, grounds, etc. Multiple law violations as well as they do not care about our own Canadian laws either! As we all know our true form comes out not when everything is good,but when negative issues arise and Knox College management(or whoever bunch of people who are in charge) are liars and involved in deceitful practices. If you have any Christian beliefs, I would urge you to not associate with this place. Go take some photos, since it looks nice and move on. Considering it is a Christian college, I am saddened as to what they can teach their students as they have no morals!?

Knox College

Lina Pezzo

March 2019

Beautiful space - we got married here and were able to use the court yard to do our pictures. Although it began to rain, the space is absolutely stunning and therefore did not both us! So happy we chose this location.

Knox College

Alyssa Robertson

May 2018

5++ Stars! This state of the art venue located within the University of Toronto campus. I work close to this venue and happened to stumble across it one day on my lunch. As soon as I saw the beauty of this Chapel I had butterflies and chillsI just knew this is where I wanted to get married. Daniela and Leticia work for the Chapel and they were absolutely fantastic to deal with throughout the entire planning process. If you have not had the opportunity to see this Chapel, make sure you visit it at some point, it is just stunning! It is a highly sought after venue for engagement photos as the photographic potential is outstanding!

Knox College

Chelsea Carrasco

April 2018

Dope library to study in peace with beautiful lighting and a quiet atmosphere. Basically the opposite of Gerstein or ROBARTS but with comparable hours. I wrote most of my thesis here and it was much more pleasant than being holed up in smelly stacks.

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