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Alyssa Robertson

5++ Stars! This state of the art venue located within the University of Toronto campus. I work close to this venue and happened to stumble across it one day on my lunch. As soon as I saw the beauty of this Chapel I had butterflies and chillsI just knew this is where I wanted to get married. Daniela and Leticia work for the Chapel and they were absolutely fantastic to deal with throughout the entire planning process. If you have not had the opportunity to see this Chapel, make sure you visit it at some point, it is just stunning! It is a highly sought after venue for engagement photos as the photographic potential is outstanding!

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Frances Morency Photography

Permit required for photography but well worth it for this epic location. OCF or video light knowledge is a must at this location.

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Chelsea Carrasco

Dope library to study in peace with beautiful lighting and a quiet atmosphere. Basically the opposite of Gerstein or ROBARTS but with comparable hours. I wrote most of my thesis here and it was much more pleasant than being holed up in smelly stacks.

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Jame Tackett

Knox is a creative and challenging place to prepare for Christian ministry and to study theology for todays changing world.For 170 years, knox have been a progressive leader in Reformed theological education in Canada. Located at theheart of the University of Toronto, we are a founding partner in the Toronto School of Theology, one of North Americas largest ecumenical consortia

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