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Luis Hernandez

May 2019

Beautiful and delicious brigadeiros! The cookies they made are one of the best cookies I ever had. Great addition to the Danforth!

Justyna Kozlowska

April 2019

The Best Easter egg ever. This new twist on truffle chocolates is unlike you ever tried. A smooth decadence that melts in your mouth and asks for a second bite .... or a new flavour if you devoured the first all in one.

Jon TeBrugge

April 2019

Such a lovely shop. Everything we had was very tasty. Cookie was especially good. Staff were very helpful and knowledgable. Store is also very beautifully set up and appointed. Nice addition to the Danforth.

Ashley A

April 2019

I ran across their booth at the spring One of a Kind show so I bought a couple of the Classic ones. I don't know the difference between a truffle and a brigadeiro - it's all just gourmet chocolate to me - but I give these ones a 5. They're rich, smooth and decadent without being too sweet and they melt in your smooth - or at least the Classic ones do - but at $2.50 PER chocolate, it's not like I could afford to try their whole assortment. I give this product a 3 out of 5 for affordability and value. Maybe handmade chocolates as exquisite as these ones weren't meant to be affordable. That's fair. So I guess I'll just ask for a box for Christmas...

Christine Guibord

February 2019

A lovely shop, warm and friendly staff and an exquisite chocolate selection. I got a box of 12 that I am begrudgingly sharing with my family :) They are almost too beautiful to eat. If you prefer hard chocolate, this might not be for you. But if you like them rich, creamy and not too sweet, you won't be disappointed! I will be back for sure. YUM

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