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Cindy Tran

June 2019

Neha and the SAWC team were an absolute joy to work with. We did our month of coordination with them and my only regret was that we didn't hire them earlier for the complete planning package as it would've eliminated so much stress. They were organized and detail-oriented but not only that, they brought us food and made sure we had something to eat, sat with me before the ceremony when I was nervous, and overall the most caring group of people who made sure our day went as seamlessly as possible.

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Sky Films

May 2019

This was our first time working with Neha and her Team from SAWC planners. Neha is a detective; she does her investigations on all of her vendors on behalf of their clients. She really cares about her clients and there families. We share the same values and ethics. We understand our couples and the importance of working together. We highly recommend Neha and her team for any wedding and we look forward to working together in the future as well.Best RegardsManny CSky Films Toronto

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Amar Soni

May 2019

SAWC was an absolute pleasure to work with during our "fusion" wedding. I'm Gujarati and my wife (love saying that) is Vietnamese. From the first meeting, Neha set the expectation for how things would go, and what they would be responsible for. They delivered on their promises and exceeded all expectations. In Toronto weddings are expensive considering all of the vendors required, but the best investment we had made was in the SAWC team. They provided so much value. Needless to say, 2 days of wedding events with 3 ceremonies total ran very smoothly - huge thanks to Neha and her team!

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Gk Sahota

April 2019

Their attention to detail and timing saves a lot of stress on our end as they take care of everything. They check off everything you need to get done even before you think of getting it done. Highly recommended to anyone planning any event!

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