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Art of Celebrations is Toronto's premier event & wedding planning & design production firm. What truly sets us apart is our unique design service where clients have the luxury of viewing their event before it takes place through our life-like 3D renderings.

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We had a traditional Sikh Wedding in Brampton and Art of Celebrations team helped me last minute for my wedding floral arrangement. I shared a few images of what I had in mind and they got every detail correctly instantly. The delivery was on time and the flower selection was very very beautiful. Their service exceeded my expectations and I was so happy when I walked down the aisle and saw such stunning floral centre pieces. Thank you for making my big day beautiful and memorable. I highly recommend Art of Celebrations as they are very professional and creative too.

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I was so happy that i chose Roxy as my event planner! She planned my Grandsons Baptism from start to finish with no stress involved on my behalf! Roxy accommodated to my budget and went above and beyond when executing the whole event! All my guests were happy and asked who put together this whole event, I still have guests talking about my Grandsons baptism and i'm sure it will be talked about for years to come!! Roxy and her team are very dedicated and detail oriented which is why the whole event came out so amazing!!! I would recommend Art of Celebrations to anybody looking for an event planner with amazing detail to plan your special event! I will definitely use Roxy and her team again!!

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Art of Celebrations is the event planners i used for my daughters wedding and i am so glad that i chose Roxy and her team. I hired Roxy Zapala and paid for the "Full planning + Coordination" package for my daughters wedding. Roxy sat down with my daughter and I and reviewed our budget, theme, venue and everything in between. This caused less stress on my end and was worth every penny. Roxy went above and beyond with everything from beginning to end. She made sure i was satisfied with every decision made and always provided many options to chose from. Roxy and her team created the wedding that my daughter only dreamed of. Having Roxy and her team share my daughters special day with us and having her execute the whole event made it 100 times better and 100 times less stress on my part. Roxy and her team made sure everything was on time during the wedding and made sure we didn't have to worry about a thing. I am recommending Roxy Zapala and her team to everybody getting married sometimes soon or in the near future. Art of Celebeations is the best event planning company i have came across and everybody should feel as special as my daughter did on her wedding day

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My fiancé and I hired Roxy and her company to plan our upcoming wedding in August. At the time I was living in Chicago and this was a long distance planning session. I was interviewing multiple wedding planners and decided to go with Roxy because of her amazing personality and everything she could offer. We had a Skype call and I decided to go with her company. My family and I put a deposit of around $2,100 CAD and were excited to see what she would offer. The plan I chose was not the most expensive, but second from the highest. The total would have costed around $7,000 CAD. The other wedding planners were not as highly priced, but I figured I should go with someone that knows Toronto, so I can have a variety of options for my wedding in Niagara on the Lake. Roxy was very personable and kind with great fashion sense. This is where the positivity ends.

My family and I were sadly disappointed. We believe that the cost of her services does not justify the work completed. We were under the impression that she would lead the charge and tell us exactly what was next (booking shuttle, welcome bags, assisting with the wedding shower, etc.) In her contract, it explicitly states that she should be doing EVERYTHING from conceptualizing wedding themes and colors. I should not have to prompt about what my needs are. I also should not have all the dates and do all the research on things. I never once received a plan or prompting questions about what I want the wedding to look like or maybe you should go with this color or check out these photos…

I even gave her a test. The venue I selected has a wedding coordinator there as well. I asked them both to find me a list of officiants that were local to the neighborhood. Roxy did not e-mail me back for around 4 days, however the other wedding coordinator who was hospitalized, e-mailed me back in 2 hours from when the e-mail was sent.

Secondly, being late for both meetings in person and not having everything organized was another issue. My fiancé and family drove 4 hours through a snow storm to meet Roxy to start our venue search. Roxy was around 20 minutes late only having to drive 55 minutes. She also neglected to tell us that she was eight and a half months pregnant. I was surprised that she did not mention this before we paid a deposit. She had no idea who we were meeting and what dates were available for venues. There was nothing organized where the venues were located and where who we were meeting. The people at the venue did not even know who she was. Also Roxy did not factor in lunch, which was an issue. My fiancé has 3 kids and cannot go from 10AM until around 4PM without food. My fiancé and I had to use yelp to find a place to eat between appointments. There were no extras built into our day: wine tasting, lunch, nothing special. It was go go go from the minute we arrived at the first venue.

The second meeting in person was when my fiancé and I were going to do a tasting for our wedding. My parents flew in from New York to be at the tasting. At first Roxy was not going to be there. I was floored that my wedding planner was not going to be at my tasting, which is a HUGE component of the wedding. She told me that she had a long term client that had a birthday party. I was livid and e-mailed her stating that it is in her contract that she attends every meeting associated with the wedding. Roxy then followed up with an e-mail that her assistant would cover the party in the afternoon and she could be there. I had to e-mail her and express my frustration to get her to attend, which is ridiculous. Roxy was 5 minutes late to this meeting. I maybe received one text message from her the morning of the tasting. She did not negotiate anything with the cost of the tasting or even the cost of our rooms. The wedding coordinator at the venue laid out all the costs and we spoke directly with her at the venue. Roxy did not even help with any of the room selections or anything. She just sat there while my fiancé and father worked with the venue’s wedding coordinator to organize the rooms.

Thirdly, another issue was the photographer. Roxy gave us a list of 3 photographers to choose from. Except for the photographer, she did not give us any local vendors to the Niagara region. (Later in an e-mail I was told that she does not work with any “local” vendors that are not Toronto, this should have been brought up before the deposit was made). My fiancé and I decided on a photographer and actually got to meet her at the tasting. There were multiple packages that you could choose from. We chose the most expensive package, which was around $2,000 CAD, this was “package 3.” My father, the one paying for the wedding agreed and I thought that was the end of it. I was happy, we have a photographer! This was not the case…Roxy sent me another set of prices where there was a package 4 and the price increased $300…I was confused and did not know what happened between our meeting in person and the increased cost. She explained that she gave us the “old pricing” and this was her new 2017-2018 pricing. I thought that this was ridiculous because one should honor whatever cost that was given to us. There was a ton of back and forth between her, the photographer, and my family. I finally was fed up and called the photographer myself. I explained what we were looking for and decided to get a credit on something, which made up for the increased cost. This process was very stressful and was not handled in a rational manner. I should not have to call a vendor directly because negotiations were not running smoothly.

Throughout this whole process, my fiancé and I did not feel special or that she was doing anything extra. I have never received a phone call or emailing saying what is the next step or getting a feeling of what we are feeling.

Cost was an issue, as I mentioned before, we were not provided with different vendors for anything. These were the highest price vendors in GTA and not even using any local vendors as a comparison. Her assistant after Roxy went on maternity leave told me that her company does not work with any vendors in that region or any region besides Toronto. This is a huge factor that could have been brought up even before I hired her company. Roxy put me in contact with all her “friends” that were the highest price vendors in GTA. She gave us no other options and we asked for these after the fact. We were not difficult to work with and booked most of the vendors she suggested. I did want other vendors for flowers and décor than what she selected based on price. Having a flower shop as well, Roxy tried to persuade me to go with her company based on the other quotes that were given from other vendors that day. I could not fathom that a wedding planner that did not fulfill her duties was going to receive $8,500 CAD more to do both flowers and décor. She even cced me on an e-mail to one of her vendor friends saying she is so happy that I booked right away. It seemed as though she was only pairing me with the highest vendors in GTA and her friends as opposed to our needs. It was not the fact that I couldn’t pay the highest price vendors or afford any of these people; it is the fact that she wasn’t listening to what we wanted and comparing prices. Most people would want the whole spectrum before committing to a certain vendor.

Using a wedding planner should be a seamless process and a well working machine. This process has been extremely stressful and I did not feel as though I was in good hands and taken care of. I am confident that I can create a beautiful wedding without your company. I appreciated everything she did thus far, but we decided to go in another direction. I sent her in an e-mail stating that I no longer required her services around 2 weeks ago and her assistant sent me back an e-mail and said good luck with everything. I never even received a phone call from Roxy herself trying to get us back or apologize. I was floored by her behavior and would highly suggest that others look into other amazing wedding planners.

If you are looking for the highest paid wedding planner than her company is perfect for you. Ultimately you will be responsible for all the aspects of your wedding without any assistance. I thought my experience would be different and I am much happier without her company.

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Art of Celebrations

Dear Mary,
I apologize for not replying to your comment earlier. I decided to wait a little to see if perhaps I could change your mind about me as a person and my services. After speaking with you on the phone just couple of weeks after you let Art of Celebrations go/couple of weeks after my son was born, I was really hoping that we had cleared the air and that you would not feel bitterly about our services. As I mentioned to you previously, I absolutely love my job and I put all my effort into every wedding I plan for our clients. In most cases I believe my passion shines through which reflects in very positive and happy couples. However, I see that your comment is still up and therefore I would like to formally address it. As I mentioned above, the time you fired Art of Celebrations was the exact day I went on mat leave, only 2 short days before I gave birth to my first child (3 days after my actual due date). Therefore, I hope you can understand why I did not call you right after you let us go. Although I did not mention my pregnancy to you when we first met via Skype, I did not think I had the obligation to do so (similarly as an ill person running a business should not be obligated to let their clients know of their illness). At that time, I was 6 months pregnant and barely even showing. As a young female entrepreneur, I realized that there was never going to be a right time to start a family. However, I decided that now was the time to become a mother, while still running my business. I took all the necessary steps to assure my business and our clients would not suffer. I worked tirelessly all the way until the end of my pregnancy (I spent an entire day with you and Shannon in vendor meetings all over the GTA just 3 days before my due date, which I believe is some indication of dedication to my craft) and I only took 4 weeks off after the baby was born. The very first time we met in person I introduced you to our senior planner and made sure she attended all our meetings thereafter in order to know everything about your wedding and be of most help while I was away for 4 weeks in March. For the three months after our initial meeting we managed to book most of your vendors including ceremony and reception venue, photographer, cake, dj, entertainment, etc – all of which were our preferred vendors. Given that you were not comfortable with sharing your budget with me, I was unable to determine which vendor options would be best for you. Therefore, I suggested vendors who were my top choice, with whom I’ve worked with and whom I knew were the best of the best. I believe you would agree as you did hire them all for your big day. And I am absolutely positive that you will not be disappointed in their services.
On another note, stating that I was late to meetings or not knowing who we were meeting with are entirely false accusations. I always made sure to send over an agenda for the day any time we were meeting in person and to include all addresses and names of vendors we were meeting with. Perhaps I did not leave a sufficient amount of time for a proper meal in between the meetings; however, my main goal during those days was to be as efficient as possible and to meet with many vendors as we could, considering that you were an out-of-town bride.
I am still unsure of where the communication has gone wrong between us Mary, but I do want to apologize for whatever it might have been. I sincerely hope that you do not hold any negative feelings towards me or my company at this time and I wish you the most beautiful and successful wedding. I know you will make an absolutely stunning bride!!!
- Roxy

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Looking forward to working with Art of Celebrations in 2014

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