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Wedding Planners, Toronto

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From full wedding coordination to destination weddings, our talented wedding planners will provide everything you need to bring your vision to life.  EventSource makes it easy with details, wedding planning packages, photos and links to the best wedding consultants in town.  Weddings that are flawlessly yours start at

Ashley Pigott Events

Most Recent Review
"Ashley Pigott is, hands-down, one of the best wedding planners in the industry. I have worked in hospitality for a number of years, and have been fortunate to work with many top-tier event planners. This made it difficult for me to decide how I wanted to handle my own wedding planning. Hiring Ashley to manage this very important task, was the best decision I made. My husband and I made a point to work with only the BEST vendors, so she was standing above a very elite crowd. The entire wedding planning process was so easy and seamless. She was always one step ahead of the game. I never felt like I was stressed, worried or falling behind; Ashley always kept me at ease. When the big day arrived, I couldn't have imagined things to work out (and look) as perfectly as they did. This was all thanks to the amazing talent of Ashley Pigott!" (more)

Karen Garscadden Consulting

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"We just had the pleasure of working with Karen for the second time. We will absolutely work with her again. Karen is super organized and very well experienced at event planning. Karen does her job beautifully well and somehow ensures that everyone else stays on task, all while wearing a smile. Karen has wonderful ideas and follow through. We could not be happier. " (more)

Swoon Weddings & Events

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"To be honest, my husband and I had been hesitant about getting a wedding planner at the beginning. Once the planning started though, we quickly realized how much time, effort and work goes into a wedding! We had heard of Swoon through a referral and reached out. Alana was very accommodating to our schedule when planning our appointments and, made it very clear that she was there to make things easier for us and, would meet with us whenever we needed, as often as needed. Throughout the entire process she was thorough, detail-oriented and, understanding. The main reason why we decided to hire a wedding planner, was so that we could enjoy the actual day to the fullest. After a full year of planning, we did not want to worry about anything the day of... And that we didn't! Alana was very discreet with solving any issues that came up the day of. In fact, we did not know about most of them until after the fact. What we loved most is her composure throughout the day. It is very easy to stress on your wedding day and, you feed off of any stress around you. Alana was calm and stress-free the whole day, all the while putting out fires and ensuring the day ran smoothly. We would highly recommend Alana to anyone with an upcoming wedding! Thank you Alana!! " (more)

Impresario Events

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"We live in Alberta but our families are both in Ontario along with many friends so we thought it made the most sense to get married in Ontario. I am so happy that I had Zerlene every step of the way planning our intimate out-of-town wedding. Dealing with wedding planning from a distance and with my other half being really busy this year with work, I needed someone to bounce my ideas off of and to help narrow things down. Zerlene made several suggestions for vendors that were within our budget and was quick about obtaining contracts. Her organizational skills are far superior to mine. Her reminders and payment tracking helped us both feel at ease throughout the process. I enjoy plain and natural elements and from Zerlene’s portfolio, she has lots of experience with elegant and elaborate decor. Even so, she listened to my ideas and helped make my vision come to life! She attended appointments with me when I was in town, attended the rehearsal, picked up, delivered and set up decor.. and even lent us some of her personal items for use. She was always prepared to do a last minute errand and had backup items such as a warm shawl for my freezing cold made of honour carrying my dress out in -25 degree weather! The last week I had hit my ultimate stress level and felt worried that things weren’t going to work out the way I’d planned. Zerlene managed things and worked well with my bridesmaids to make our wedding a dream come true and everything worked out in the end!! Everything was even better than I had imagined! Thank you Impresario Events! We will forever relive this special day! " (more)

Karen Jacobs Consulting

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"I have worked with Karen Jacobs at least 6 times that I have known she was the planner. Sometimes as planners, she might have planned the wedding but not been there when I am there. Depending on the package the client chooses, logistics is always different. That part is not to do with me but the client. As a vender of weddings that Karen has organized. I am always happy with Karen Jacobs. Her professionalism, personality are just two features she has that I am charmed by. I love her style and the way she speak to other vendors. She’s always at a “normality” state of mind and always shows care towards other vendors and clients. Truly a talented and caring individual and professional. " (more)

Love by Lynzie Events + Design

Most Recent Review
"Mike and I engaged the LBL team for their full package after my sister suggested we work with the team. After our initial meeting it was a no brainer. I can't rave enough. They have it ALL. Professional and attentive care, knowledge and reassurance for all your questions, creative thinking that just makes your soul feel good. It's so evident they not only love what they do, but they are damn good at it. We were so pleased with how personal and curated everything was. If you are overwhelmed with the idea of planning your big day but still want to have an active role in the vision, they make such a great partner. Not to mention all the amazing female vendors they work with along with Lynzie and Carlee at the head. If you aren't planning your wedding with this gals, you're seriously missing out!!!" (more)

Rebecca Chan Weddings & Events

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"We worked with Veronique through Rebecca Chan Wedding & Events. We decided to go with a day-of-planning because we realized there were so many important part of our day and we did not want to miss anything or be stressed the day of. We wanted to be able to enjoy our day and Veronique was a huge part in that! Right from the start, Veronique made us feel at ease. She was easy to talk to, while being professional. She responded quickly to numerous emails and always answered questions and gave great advice and she thought of every little detail to help us really get the most out of our special day. On the day of Veronique dropped by while we were getting ready just to see how we were doing, which was a wonderful start! After that, at the actual wedding she ensured everything went smoothly, everything was in place, everyone was where they needed to be and all the guests, including my husband were all happy and enjoying ourselves. If you want to have a stress free day, I urge you to utilize Veronique! She will make it that much better! Thank you so much! 5/5 FOR SURE! " (more)

O Weddings and Events

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"I particularly thank you to my wedding planner Jessie, without her, i won't have this perfect wedding in my life. She was very patient and calm under pressure and meeting deadline. Our time for wedding preparation was tight and only few months before wedding date. Within such a short time, Jessie patiently listen to our need, help us to figure out style we want in our wedding and find our wedding venue, florist, cake baker... and even the kids' gift, such little detailed thing she would seriously take into account. The most important thing I would like to thank you Jessie was she help me to re-fine a new professional photographer studio (mango studio) within 2 weeks before my wedding date. At the beginning of my wedding preparation, i found a photographer studio by myself without consulting Jessie, however, after pre-wedding photo shoot, I felt very disappointed to that studio. I wanted to change and I could not even sleep since only two weeks left before my wedding. The lucky thing was I had Jessie, she called me immediately and clam me down, and started help me to schedule appointment with Mango studio& eventually one of the photographer in MANGO was available. That make me relieve. All of my guests were felt impressed about my wedding, no matter from the gorgeous ceremony or the dinner, they said this was the most beautiful and happiness wedding they have had. They all have fun in the wedding, specially the game part in dinner time. Thanks again to Jessie's organized work and detailed planning for my wedding. One last thing i want to tell the bride-to-be, when u are looking for a vendor, no matter is a photographer or florist, it would be always better for you to consult your wedding planner before making final decision since she's professional and know more than you in wedding preparation. " (more)

Simply Perfect

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"Every princess needs a fairy godmother, and that's what Jodi was for us. She performed real miracles making our wedding day truly magical." (more)

Devoted To You

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"Devoted to You offers a very personal and one of a kind service! There was only 1 month away till the wedding day and we still had some major tasks that weren’t settle! Right after our initial meeting with Carmen, we knew right away that we approached the right person to board with us. From planning the wedding day logistic to negotiating with the remaining vendors, Carmen was more like our kind and friendly older sister who guided us through the jungle of worries and anxiety. At the end of the day, it’s not just about the quantity of tasks that was done but the quality and happiness found in us and our guests. Carmen offers a truly amazing service where its work shine more than any 5 stars reviews!" (more)

Fusion Events

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"Arthur pulled together an absolutely top-notch and high quality event with very short notice. His team is extremely professional, creative and have an eye for detail. Arthur was particularly excellent at finding outstanding entertainment...he was able to source one of the top musicians in the country! And he brought the All Request Live band concept to another event - our guests loved the interactivity!" (more)