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Bisous Events
Jake Howorth
Our wedding was perfect, and it would not have been possible without Jessica. We got married at the Globe & Mail Centre, and they only provided the space and bar. So, we needed someone that had experience putting an entire event together, and Jessica had the connections for every aspect required.

I would highly recommend Bisous Events! Jessica is incredibly organized, creative and great to deal with you. She is not afraid to push the boundaries to do something different and always considered our vision. Jessica was simply a pleasure to work with and made our day unforgettable.

Jessica is the perfect hire no matter what! It’s the real deal and she just has an eye for this.
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Bisous Events
I cannot even begin to explain how amazing Jessica is but I will try... When my fiancé and I started planning our wedding, we had the intention of doing it without a wedding planner. My fiancé especially didn't think or understand the potential need for a wedding planner especially since we were have a relatively smaller wedding. Especially because our venue actually slightly convinced us that we did not need a planner... However, I did have a vision of what I wanted for our wedding and one of my biggest fears was spending all this money and showing up the day of and everything not being as I had imagined it...

We definitely were looking into a Day of Coordinator which is what brought us to Jessica. After my first conversation with Jessica, I knew I wanted more than a Day of Coordinator and I knew we needed her to help plan our wedding. I cannot even imagine not having Jessica... I always have said this, but I would have cancelled the wedding if I didn't have Jessica. Jessica made what should be a stressful time and experience, completely stress FREE. I knew I could put my complete trust in Jessica from the very beginning to bring my vision to life and quite honestly I didn't give her much to work with but just from the few details I did have, she was able to work wonders.

When you're planning an event, an event such as your wedding.... unless you have some broad experience of event planning, you cannot be expected to easily be able to throw a massive event such as your wedding, together (no matter how big or how small). Some can do it and more power to them but most of us will end up realizing it is way more challenging and not nearly as much fun as one would hope. Wedding planners exist for a reason and though it is an additional expense, wedding planners such as Jessica ARE WORTH IT.

As soon as we started working with Jessica, I barely had to worry about a thing. Jessica took the reins and she was so assertive and knew the exact questions to ask that we would have NEVER even thought to ask and with every vendor, she knew when to push back. Not to mention she was just an absolute pleasure to work with, she was always so kind and made our wedding amazing. I could honestly write for ever on how amazing Jessica was but all I can say is I only wish I was getting married again so I could work with Jessica again..
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Bisous Events
My now-husband and I quickly realized that we were in over our heads when we were planning our wedding. Our timeline was very short, and we led very busy lives. So, we began looking for a wedding planner to help us make our big day happen.

Before hiring a planner, my biggest fear was that we would not find someone sensitive to our needs as an intercultural couple. We were looking to combine our respective cultural traditions, which would make for a unique wedding. However, it would be challenging to strike that balance. There was a good chance that if things were handled poorly, a lot of people from both sides of our family would be disappointed. However, I'm happy to say our fears were completely unfounded. When we met Jessica, we quickly felt comfortable handing the reins over to her. She took the time to understand our needs, respected our desires, and made a special effort to ensure that what was important to us was included in the day.

We were drawn to Bisous Events when we saw their portfolio and noticed they had planned other intercultural weddings. Most places we looked at had only traditional Western weddings. Seeing that, we felt more comfortable reaching out to them, feeling they had the kind of experience we were looking for. Not to mention all the other weddings looked stunning as well! How could we not?

I cannot recommend Jessica and Bisous Events more. Our wedding day was special, memorable, and extremely fun! Honestly, we got everything we hoped for and so much more. If you want a truly spectacular wedding, then look no further. This is the place for you!
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Bisous Events
Jessica did an absolutely amazing job with our wedding. We are so so happy with the way everything turned out and we wouldn't have been able to do it without her.

We initially found Jessia via instagram and loved the overall style and aesthetic of weddings she had done in the past. After an initial meeting with her, we were very impressed with her level of experience, professionalism and organization and knew she would be a great fit for our event.

We hired Jessica early on in our planning process, so she was able to provide her support and guidance from the very beginning. From venue selection to photography, florals, rentals and stationery, to name a few, she was involved in every element of the wedding planning process. She always provided multiple vendor options and shared advice on how to make the best choice for our event.

We first started planning our wedding for spring 2021, but when the pandemic forced us to change the year and venue location, Jessica was able to quickly pivot and help us re-plan for our new event. With all the uncertainty around COVID, Jessica was very flexible and always available for a phone call to chat through any concerns we were having.

We had our wedding at a golf course but we didn't want it to feel overly traditional and Jessica helped us to achieve just that. She suggested many elements that helped to personalize the event including on the overall floor plan (using the mix of rounds and harvest), swapping out the golf course dining chairs and linens for our own rentals and reusing florals from the ceremony in the dining room. She even helped us to incorporate our new puppy in a non-cheesy way by printing her picture on our cocktail napkins.

On the day of the wedding, Jessica did an amazing job with all the coordination and set up. This allowed us and our friends and families to fully enjoy the day with no worries at all. The wedding day went extremely smoothly and everything was on time and according to schedule.

We would absolutely recommend Jessica / Bisous Events to anyone looking to hire a wedding planner. We received many compliments from our guests and event staff about how beautifully everything turned out and how smoothly the day ran. We could not have asked for a better day.
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Bisous Events
Siyoung & Carter
Jessica was fantastic, and absolutely made a big difference for our wedding. We booked our vendors ourselves, and hired Jessica for her Wedding Management services. If you've planned your own wedding and booked your own vendors, and you're uncertain about hiring someone to help coordinate and manage the execution of those plans - we wholeheartedly recommend that you hire Jessica. Even if you think you've thought of everything, it is helpful to have a pro to remind you of the little details that you might have overlooked. But most importantly - her services allow you to actually enjoy your wedding, rather than having to run around coordinating with all the different vendors and getting things set up. Jessica's work let us be fully present in the moment at our wedding.
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Bisous Events
Hiring Bisous Events was one of the best decisions we made while planning our wedding. Jess and her whole team provided us with top of the line service - from planning and providing recommendations for theme, decor, design, all the small details, and the best vendors in the biz, to replanning our WHOLE wedding in 3 days due to restrictions.

We literally came to Jess with a blank canvas - so unsure as to what we wanted for our wedding and Jess steered us in the absolute best direction. She asked all the right questions and really got to know us as a couple in order to plan the most perfect wedding! The day of was so incredibly magical and so seamless - though, should there have been an issue I wouldn't even have known since Jess was on top of everything.

Jess is so dedicated and SO incredible at what she does. She does not leave a single stone unturned - things you wouldn't even think of. Not to mention she is hilarious and so fun to be around - meetings with Jess were such a pleasure!

We will 100% be recommending Jess to all of our friends and family and will be hiring Bisous Events for all future planning needs.
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