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DJ Emporium


July 2019

June 22 2019 Paletta Mansion-Job #18359-1 **DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY** on this DJ company. DJ Emporium is very pleasant and approachable before they have your deposit. However, once the coordinator, Tanya, got involved it was clear that they werent at all interested in what we wanted. My bride felt that she was distracted and abrupt during scheduled phone conversations and did not pay attention to what she actually was saying. We had booked a specific saxophone player, Carson, a year in advance. The coordinator was asked on several occasions to verify this but always dodged the issue. The sax player who showed up was ok but did not perform on the terrace as was previously arranged and was not as much of an Entertainer as Carson was. The DJ seemed fine initially but when it came to his song choices it would have been ok if you enjoy 80s music. He finally changed it up a bit after a number of guests started requesting more current songs. Also beware that they only allow 10 song choices. The coordinator stated that we would have to pay more if we wanted more of our own choices. We had the premium package, paid $1800 as well as another $600 for the saxophone player. The accent lighting was supposed to be on the main level but was on the second floor. When this was pointed out to the DJ he advised that they could be moved downstairs. My guests were the ones who ended up moving them though with no help from the DJ. We believed that you get what you pay for but not in this case. We still tipped the DJ at the end of the night as he seemed to be trying his hardest with whatever experience he had. That is just the type of people we are, we are pretty laid back and dont complain normally. When my bride called the manager, Sam, he blew off all of our concerns. He also stated that the DJ was his cousin. He said that my bride had been Flagged as being problematic because she had submitted a long itinerary. The itinerary was for the whole event and only a small portion had specific instructions for the DJ. ALL weddings should have itinerarys as this is how wedding planners organize the events. When my bride said that we should be compensated as there were so many issues and mistakes, Sam replied that some people go to the Keg to eat a steak and then complain about the steak to get a free meal. Absolutely unprofessional. When I sent an e-mail to an owner, Maria, I received no response. This companys professionalism is lacking from the top right down to the bottom. Im sure the company will make some unprofessional remark as you will see from their other responses to criticism (I particularly find the one comical that suggests the person posting the complaint was complaining about the wrong company). Im writing this review to hopefully save a few of you from making a mistake. Remember, you are the customer therefore you should be calling the shots, not the other way around. At least EVERYTHING else about our day at Paletta was absolutely PERFECT!

DJ Emporium

Sonjha James

July 2019

Where do I start with the DJ Stefano that you sent me for my mom 80th birthday party. I have to admit a DJ with the name Stefano coming to an Indian/West Indian party was worrisome. But he blew us away. He was effing amazing and got the crowd dancing until the time he had to go. The music selection was fantastic and on point. Lots of compliments on the music. Even my 78 year old aunt enjoyed it. Personally, I danced until the end which I usually dont do but this time I had to because the music was so good. Thank you for talking me into going with DJ Emporium. I dont regret it and Stefano was worth every penny. S James

DJ Emporium


June 2019

SHAME ON CHATEAU LE JARDIN & ROYALTON! HORRIBLE SERVICE!! These guys are crooks! They are the third party entertainment service providers for the above event venues & I honestly do not know why. Those venues are gorgeous but unfortunately they work with the worst in the industry! Everyone please just take a look below at how they reply to dissatisfied customers! Instead of taking accountability and attempting to fix the issue, they argue and intimidate customers! Absolutely horrendous! They specifically place in their contract that you cannot write reviews on their services, clearly that is very strange! Customers reserve the right to leave reviews whether good or bad to allow future customers to gage company service levels. Dj Emporium takes all your money UP FRONT & afterwards they do not provide anything they promise to their customers! Fabio talks a good game over the phone, but hes disappointing!! I WOULD NEVER BOOK THEM AGAIN!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BEWARE!!! (All of these positive comments are probably from Dj Emporiums own fake google accounts!

DJ Emporium

Sharon & Johnny

June 2019

We hired DJ Emporium for our wedding on May 25, 2019.

We had a smaller wedding with around 80 guests, but still wanted some music and dancing at our reception. Our MC/DJ Josh did a fantastic job to fulfill our wishes. He had energy, and amazing personality and voice that kept our guest entertained and adapted based on what was happening at different times of the evening.

We also added on a live violinist for a portion of the evening to provide entertainment to our guests during dinner service. We had many compliments from our guests regarding the violinists and even inquiries on how they could hire him. I promptly referred them to DJ Emporium.

DJ Josh had some unintended competition that night. The night where the Toronto Raptors won Game 6 of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals. Although the men were watching the game on their cell phones and tablets. DJ Josh still spun some great tunes (from oldies to modern, to hip hop) that got the moms, aunts, and non sport fans dancing away.

DJ Emporium

Christina Arruda

May 2019

We hired DJ Emporium for our wedding on May 18th. We met Marco at his office to discuss what we wanted for our special day. From the beginning he was enthusiastic and ready to work with us to make this a great party. Marco and Mimma helped us along the way to work out all the finer details, details that we didnt even think of that made our party that much more amazing!The day of the wedding went great and as planned in our agenda for music and lighting, and our logo above the bar we had looked awesome! The only thing we had an issue with was our special effects. We requested to have geysers go off at the time of our entrance into the hall. When it was our time, only 1 of the geysers went off. Also, we asked to have white confetti to pop off when we entered the dance floor at one of the beat drops to our song. When it happened, only a small amount came out, and it was green. Finally, our smoke machine for our first dance gave off just a little bit of smoke. The MC helped out by moving the machine around so the smoke would fill up the dance floor. Everything was set up and done at the right times, but I guess it was just technical issues going on that caused these drawbacks... Other than those technical errors, everything was perfect! Our guests are still talking about how much fun they had! The dance floor was packed all night long and the music was pumping and appealed to all of our guests! A special thank you to our DJ and MC that worked our event. You listened to our every request and hyped our crowd to the max, a definite 5/5!!! Thank you!!!

DJ Emporium

Weddings and Events By Angela

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Fantastic company to work with. Amazing team of DJs and MCs. Really good packages. They know how to keep that dance floor full and party. I’d recommend them again and again to my clients.

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