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Jimi Legarde

May 2019

I do often go and grab some wonderful wine for my wife. Strong bow is a great cider

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March 2019

Excellent assortment of booze from around the world and beer that only that chain carries. If you want your spirits or very powerful beer to come to any LCBO.

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Adrian Bolstridge

March 2019

As a beer guy I like this location as a pseudo "hidden gem" store. I think it has the best beer selection in the local area. Not as vast an array of offerings as Summerhill but it is way better than average for a medium sized LCBO.It is not really very busy most of the time. Given that it is right on Ryerson grounds expect to get your ID checked if you look like you're under 40.Being in the same building as Loblaws doesn't hurt either.

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Darcy Clarke

February 2019

Guest service rep helped me find a couple of great wines. Excited to come back for more recos; was also completely open to ordering/stocking any specifics I might have. Overall

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