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Matt Clarke

December 2018

Decent terminal with a few food vendors and bathrooms. It wasn't too busy when I was there and was a good experience. I bought my tickets online so I didn't need to do anything at the terminal.

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Roman Čampula

November 2018

This coach terminal has a very good interior. I can't understand people with negative comments. There are many seats, it is warm inside, clean toilet for free. You can buy coffee or food from vending machines or in a shop. There is no security risk from my point of view. I spent there many hours waiting for a coach without any problem.

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Andrew Wilcox

November 2018

I had a short vacation in Toronto and decided to try the recommended Megabus bus service for the trip back to Montreal via Toronto-Kingston-Montreal on Sept 1st, 2018. The bus was on time but I was not notified of which bus to take and had to take my own initiative to figure out which bus was the one I was supposed to be on. The bus left the terminal and we all were complaining about how hot it was. The bus driver pulled over after about 10 minutes and notified us that the air condition was not working. It must have been at least 40+ degrees Celsius on the bus and was uncomfortably hot. Everyone was complaining. It had a glass roof and it was a scorching hot and humid sunny day, the bus probably sat in the sun all day heating up and turning it into a sauna. There were no windows or doors that could be opened and I was on the upper deck under a glass roof. We made a detour in Scarborough to switch to a new bus even though that was not a planned stop. Because I was in such a hurry to leave this sauna of a bus I forgot my cherished 900$ smartphone in the fishnet holder on the seat in front. We boarded the second bus and when I saw the old bus pull away, I got a sense of dread as I realized I forgot my phone on it. I immediately told the driver what happened and exactly where I left the phone, and he contacted dispatch. He told me to contact them tomorrow about my lost item. We made it back to Montreal an hour and a half later than expected due to the detour.The next day I contacted customer service and spoke to someone who told me that customer service agents via the customer service phone number have no visibility on lost and found items, and routed me to a line that was only connected to an answering machine, and that there was no way to speak to a real person about lost items. The only way to submit an inquiry about lost items is to send an email or leave an answering machine message of which "someone will get around to it eventually". So far I left two email and two voicemail messages to Megabus Canada, and even contacted Megabus USA who created a customer issue order and sent it to Megabus Canada to be looked at. I've not heard one peep from them at all after more than 2 months. The funny thing is that I tracked my phone the next day after losing it and it went straight from the Scarborough station to a place called "Nap Station Toronto YYZ" which is, as far as I know, a place on the airport property. Also funny, the device was turned off after arriving so I know it was found and turned off.I gave up on getting the device back and I have no idea where it is now.On the plus side, the fares are cheap, the seats are moderately comfy and there is free WiFi and movies on the ride. Will I use the service again? Maybe, but I will make darn sure I don't forget any items. Toronto coach station has paid 24h lockers

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Sherri S

October 2018

There is an escalator that has been "closed for maintenance" for at least 6 years. They have a major pigeon problem. I have been pooped on several times while waiting in line. Trying not to get pooped on is like trying to walk through a minefield. People stand in line and smoke, even though there are signs everywhere that say no smoking on the property. (And when they're not standing in line smoking, they're standing 6 feet away on the sidewalk, while the smoke continues to blow in my face). I have asthma. I would rather not have to stand there having someone's cigarette smoke blowing in my face while security pretends they don't see it. There are also always homeless people begging for money. Security tells them to leave, (when they're around) but they come back again as soon as the security guard turns their back. The security guards are never around when there's something happening.

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