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Without Prejudice

September 2018

I'm looking into charging these idiots with fraud - and theft today. I'm not interested in their excuses.

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Mauricio M & M

August 2018

Toronto deserves a better bus terminal. The passengers loading area of the departures bldg is hazardous as buses come in and out. Yet you must pray that pigeons won't poop on your head. The arrivals bldg has been closed for over 3 years.

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Aniruddh Srinivas

July 2018

Bus terminal with service to several cities in Eastern Canada and USA too. Wheelchair accessible, adequate waiting area, quick snacks joint on the 1st floor, and misc stuff in the ground floor. But the terminal is connected to the food court in a shopping centre with several eateries like McDonald's, Tims etc and also has restrooms which are pretty clean, unlike in Terminal. So avail services in the shopping centre, and reach the terminal just few mins before the bus departure time, and you will be good. :)

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Bentley Ball

July 2018

It's a bus station, with buses. That's okay.It's not a particularly attractive station. There are some Industrial/Deco elements, but like Union Station, whoever had the vision must have had to pass the eye off to the other sisters.Between Bay and Elizabeth, the station occupies a fair sized piece of real estate in the middle of downtown. In a city that has become so much more, one would wish it's gateways to be fitting heralds. This one looks to have missed the bus.

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