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Belo Fashions

Alda Caruso

January 2020

I visited many shops before this one... this was my final stop! I feel like all the other places were quick to make sale and not very helpful! Here they took the time to show me all my options and styles before I could finalize my decision! I cannot express how lovely and helpful they are at Belo Fashions! I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a dress for any special occasion! You will not be disappointed!!!

Belo Fashions

Nataly Whitford

December 2019

Best store to buy prom dresses! I went to a bunch before I came here and they did not care about what you looked like they just wanted you to buy it but this place made it really personal and helped me so much! I 100% recommend this place and their prices aren't bad compared to other shops. Definitely go here!

Belo Fashions

Tianna Miller

June 2019

this place was great! Linda and her coworker, were very funny and nice to my mom and helped me to find my prom dress. Unlike a lot of other places she told the truth about what the dresses looked like, rather than just saying all of them are great to get me to buy something:)

Belo Fashions

Mia Zhu

March 2019

Amazing service, everyone is welcoming and friendly. Me and my friends tried a lot of dresses, and even tried the same one on for several times and the ladies are all so patient and nice. Definitely recommend this place,10/10

Belo Fashions

Tan Zar

February 2019

very nice staff. we were there on a sunday and they spent so much time to help us. although my daughter couldn't decide that day what to get, they didn't get angry at us like some other stores like Madeline with rude customer service. good selection of dresses too. will recommend.

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