Whether you’re a non-traditionalist looking for a wedding cake alternative, or you’re just looking to treat your guests to some more sweet bites in addition to cake, there’s no shortage of talented caterers right here in the GTA that can help create some seriously best wedding desserts that will wow your guests! Seemingly endless with their ingenuity, they are absolutely pumped for this upcoming wedding season to show off their delectable creations, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to show you all a sneak peak of what’s to come – you saw it here first people!

So, without further ado, here are some of the sweets and treats you can expect to taste at weddings in the GTA this summer, because every detail of your special day should be absolutely perfect down to the very last bite.

Lemon Basil Bar

with blueberry coulis, macerated raspberries, cardamom meringue, torched marshmallow and micro basil
Catered Desserts

Ever since pastry school, I've been obsessed with pairing lemon and basil; they truly are meant to be together. I always create a lemon dessert for our menu as it's a great refreshing way to finish a meal. This tart speaks to the classic lemon meringue pie fans, except by adding dehydrated cardamom meringue and toasted marshmallow suddenly that classic pie is elevated to a composed dessert. To add brightness to the dish in colour and flavour, I chose to include macerated raspberries and pureed blueberries. Needless to say, there's always room for this dessert.

Photo of Olivia Thorpe
Olivia ThorpeExecutive Pastry Chef
Food Dudes

Chocolate Cassis Tulips

with blueberries, pistachio streusel, hibiscus syrup and mint powder
Catered Desserts

These desserts are incredibly versatile with the ability of being airbrushed any shade - to match your wedding colours, or your brand, for example - and have a richness of flavour but feel light given it's a mousse!

Photo of Christopher Matthews
Christopher MatthewsExecutive Chef
Eatertainment Events & Catering

Butter Milk Panna Cotta

with honey comb, candy sunflower seed, raspberry sorbet and crispy meringue
Catered Desserts

Our Panna Cotta is light and fresh while still remaining indulgent. The dessert itself is beautifully presented. The berry sorbets take advantage of seasonal fruit and the dish isn’t too heavy to end a decadent meal. Also, the version with the tuile is fun and playful for guests! It’s a big hit for 2019.

Photo of Shen Ousmand
Shen Ousmand Head Chef
McEwan Catering

Lemon Cremeaux

with chocolate, strawberry and vanilla on an angel sponge
Catered Desserts

Summer is the season of love. Light hearts, colourful and contrasting flavours. Here we have a beautiful light dessert of Lemon Cremeaux with chocolate strawberry vanilla on an angel sponge. A perfect finish to your wedding. The light fruit flavours and citrus are a refreshing way to cap off a meal with friends and family, especially for an al fresco dinner.

Photo of René Kramer
René KramerExecutive Chef
en Ville Event Design & Catering


dark chocolate torte, graham cracker crust, marshmallow fluff, ganache, burnt marshmallow ice cream, house made mini graham crackers and house made marshmallows
Catered Desserts

We bring back nostalgia to this s’more dish but with an upscale twist. Guests will still feel as though they have just left a camp fire but more of the glamping variety! Starting off with our rich dark chocolate torte topped with toasted marshmallow, all lying on a bed of homemade graham cracker crumb with scoops of homemade burnt marshmallow ice cream for good measure, how could you say no?! It’s a fan favourite with adults and kids especially when it’s built a la minute at one of our interactive stations. The versatility of this dish goes far beyond interactive stations and guests can enjoy it as a composed dish or as a passed dessert as well!

Photo of Lauren Mozer
Lauren MozerCEO
elle cuisine

Greek Yogurt Panna Cotta

with Ontario rhubarb
Catered Desserts

This dish really encapsulates the feelings of late spring and summer, not only in the presentation with the natural pink and green colour palette, but also with the flavours. Floral notes from the rose gel, combined with the subtle hint of cardamom in the light and silky panna cotta really add something special to this dish. Pair that with a vibrant acidity from fresh in-season rhubarb and the rich nuttiness of pistachio, these flavours that everyone know and love make this dish the perfect way to end a summer meal during any occasion.

Photo of Sara McCulloch
Sara McCullochPastry Chef
Encore Catering

Tiramisu Terrine

with matcha sakura almond butter sponge, chocolate hazelnut dome with merlot cassis red berry jelly, meringue kisses and nougat crunch
14 delightful catered desserts for 2019, 17

This dessert is one of our favourites because it is both a feast for the eyes and for the palate! Masterfully crafted, it engages the senses with an array of bright, lavish flavours paired perfectly with a thoughtful combination of textures.

Photo of Roshan Wanasingha
Roshan WanasinghaExecutive Chef/Owner
Ma-Ro Catering

Summer Chocolate Brownie

with fresh raspberries and white chocolate topper
Catered Desserts

We love this upscale brownie dessert obviously because of the gooey chocolate brownie, but also because of the ultimate pairing of white chocolate and raspberries. It is rich and decadent as well as fresh.

Photo of Tony Loschiavo
Tony LoschiavoChef

London Fog

buckwheat chiffon, earl grey black tea mascarpone, lemon cream, almond, milk chocolate, passion fruit gelée and torched meringue
Catered Desserts

Bergamot, one of my favourite ingredients, has a wonderful distinct flavor which can also be found in earl grey tea. The cake uses the different textures of toasted almond dacquoise, buckwheat chiffon and lemon crème to balance and compliment the citrusy fragrant scent. Textures and flavours combined, I find London Fog to be a very romantic dessert that works great for any plated wedding service.

Photo of Bonnie Kravitz
Bonnie KravitzExecutive Pastry Chef
Daniel et Daniel

Playful Dessert Trio

Catered Desserts

Think beyond the classic three-tiered wedding cake. Our customizable dessert trios are a wildly popular choice for couples that want a more unconventional, but delicious dessert. Be playful and serve your guests a chai tiger striped brownie, house-made caramel corn with cotton candy, and a chocolate soda shooter topped with whipped cream – it’s the perfect parade of treats to please all palates!

Photo of Jay Suppiah
Jay SuppiahExecutive Chef
Presidential Gourmet

Insta-worthy Ice Cream Station

14 delightful catered desserts for 2019, 18

Whether for a late night dessert, or a summer afternoon treat, O&B’s totally ‘grammable ice cream station will let guests customize their experience with their favourite toppings. Let your guests post their ice cream and eat it too!

Photo of Chris Couto
Chris CoutoChef
Oliver & Bonacini

A couple of our favourite caterers will be serving up their take on a summer favourite, the classic fruit tart – we are totally here for it!

Summer Berry-Rhubarb Tart

with fresh Ontario raspberry and strawberry coulis, tahitian-vanilla chantilly cream, meringue, micro mint and fresh berries
Catered Desserts

This dessert is super seasonal, fresh and just the right amount of sweet! It presents beautifully and can be served family style shared among friends or as an individually plated option for weddings!

Photo of Toben Kochman
Toben KochmanCo-Owner, Chief Culinary Consultant
Toben Food by Design

Rhubarb Berry Tart

with rhubarb compote, blackberry jelly, strawberry mousse, pastry cream and white chocolate crumble
Catered Desserts

We're excited to serve up this Rhubarb Berry Tart at events this summer! Rhubarb and berries pair very well together, and the pastry cream adds a light richness to this not-too-sweet dessert. We absolutely love the bright flavours, making it the perfect summer treat!

Photo of Manal Bashir
Manal BashirExecutive Pastry Chef
Victor Dries Curated Events

Assorted Fruit Tarts

14 delightful catered desserts for 2019, 19

Topping our list of favorite desserts for the summer season are homemade fruit tarts. I love serving these buffet-style at weddings or BBQ's with a rustic vibe. We encourage clients to go with a wide selection, not only to appeal to your guests favorite flavors, but the colours and textures are visually stunning. My best advice; save room for seconds!

Photo of Fia Pagnello
Fia PagnelloCEO
Kiss the Cook Catering