The Dos and Don’ts of Wedding Dress Shopping

Who doesn’t love clothes shopping? In fact, it’s one of my favourite past times. Nothing beats that feeling of finally finding that perfect top that looks fab with those new pants you still haven’t worn, or snagging a pair of heels that look gorgeous AND don’t hurt your feet! Gotta celebrate all of life’s little victories, […]


2015 Wedding Dress Trends – 7 Toronto Boutiques Share What’s Hot!

The New York International Bridal week has come and gone and so now comes the fun part of ushering in 2015’s hottest bridal gown trends.  I reached out to seven of Toronto’s finest bridal boutiques for their thoughts on where wedding dress trends are headed for 2015 – I know you’re gonna love this! Less is more! Left:; Right: […]


The Kleinfeld Experience

We had been dying to get a sneak peak of the Kleinfeld Canada store so we were thrilled when we were invited to be part of the dress shopping experience with Lesley Kamiel, a bride-to-be. For more than 60 years, Kleinfeld has been the go to destination for brides-to-be and no wonder! With its famous flagship […]


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