With capacities capped for weddings and special events throughout the pandemic, you bet that you can count on the ingenuity of small business owners to find all sorts of ways to keep the magic alive! In this article, we’ll be highlighting some of the fabulous videographers working hard around the GTA to help couples deliver big impact within a small setting with live streaming services!

It’s no surprise that it’s simply not possible to include our full guest list these days. Fortunately, these nimble videographers have adapted their services to offer fun, unique live streaming services to include your virtual guests that go well above and beyond a simple Skype or Zoom call! Read on to learn more about what’s currently being offered in and around the GTA.

Since the start of COVID-19 back in March, our team has been rigorously implementing new services and protocols to help our couples receive services they'll truly love. At the same time, we want them to feel safe knowing their team is taking the appropriate measures in such a fragile time.

We now provide small to large professional live streaming services. This includes single camera live streams, up to a 4-camera, multi-angle live stream with professional audio quality and animated intros and outros. We also offer budget-friendly videography and photography packages for our couples who decide they still want to get married and have an elopement, backyard wedding, or something small at the venue with immediate family members. These packages are curated for COVID-19 weddings. Before each wedding, we have our team members tested for any symptoms and properly equipped with sanitizer, gloves, and masks. We have also made our traditional packages fully customizable. Everything from the number of hours, photos, prints, and length of the highlight, can be tailored for a truly personalized package made just for your wedding. Our goal is to make sure our couples can feel comfortable and confident with their choice in our team. We want them to trust us and to feel that we will deliver products that are of the highest quality while our team takes every measure to ensure the safety of our couples and their families.

Photo of Danny Bui
Danny BuiCEO & Lead Videographer
Origin Weddings

Kismet Creative Wedding Films

When it became clear what kind of impact COVID-19 would have on the wedding industry, we knew we’d have to adapt our services. We decided to meet that head on by introducing a few streaming options ranging from a simple single camera stream all the way up to a full multi-camera experience. One of the most important elements of a live stream is sound so you can actually hear the vows. Most DIY solutions don’t deliver on this front, so we’ve made sure that our streaming services allow our couples to be heard as well as seen.

We also wanted to get creative and see what other interactive options we could provide couples. We’re continuously adding options for our clients such as 1 minute same day edits (on top of our normal 3-5 minute same day edits), ceremony same day edits, and our personal favourite: a “Priceless Moments” social media take-over. This is where we’ll continuously upload short films and clips from throughout the wedding day for remote guests to enjoy. This might include letter readings, gift openings, first look, procession, snippets from the vows, first kiss and first dance among others. Before the wedding, we’ll talk through the timeline with the couple and create a wish list of the moments that will mean the most to them. The aim is to create a steady stream of beautiful videos that remote guests can enjoy throughout the day.

One of the ways we’re looking to create a unique experience is by bundling up our streaming and interactive solutions to offer the best value to our clients. For example, we can bring along an additional crew member to help out with the stream, but then they can also stick around for the day editing short clips and videos for social media feeds or a same day edit. Packaging up multiple offerings maximizes the amount of content guests can interact with. It also means the couple will have a hat-full of videos to take away at the end of the event and begin reliving their wedding day right away.

Photo of Mark Relf
Mark RelfOwner and Creative Director
Kismet Creative Wedding Films

Redstone Pictures

Redstone Pictures is offering a variety of COVID-19 related video solutions. Primarily, what we found are events are often being held outdoors. In most instances, there is no WiFi provided by the venues and cell service can be iffy. To address this, we've adapted commercial technology that draws signal from the 6 closest cell towers to provide a consistent video uplink for streaming events. This is of course in conjunction with our standard services of live streaming, filming and editing.

We are also involved with many religious institutions of various faiths, providing pre-packaged programming with live streaming. In our post production, we’ve been able to combine cascade views with live footage in order to reproduce the genuine feel of a COVID-19 event.

Photo of Raisyl Mandel
Raisyl MandelVideographer
Redstone Pictures
Live Streaming Services Live Streaming Services


There are a few things I've learned from my clients during this pandemic that have inspired me to adapt my services and offerings. Originally I thought live streaming services at the ceremony was the way to go, but since most weddings have been mainly outdoors this has been an issue where it has been difficult getting data to actually stream the video. Instead, I have been offering a separate full length ceremony video ready for my clients to send to their guests who couldn’t make it within 24 hours of the wedding. I should definitely also mention that the ceremony video is filmed with a 360 camera! This means guests can relive the ceremony as if they were there and watch it from any angle.

I have also started to offer 1 minute wedding trailers that recap the event, ready within 48 hours. This is very popular with all my clients. Their friends and family who couldn’t make it can easily and quickly get a glimpse of their wedding day and share their joy and happiness virtually!

Photo of Norris Wong
Norris WongOwner/Lead Cinematographer
Norris Films

D.M.S. Video Productions

We take care of all the details of live streaming your wedding, while you focus on enjoying your day with your family and friends - in person and virtually! Our DMS-LIVE! services include your own personalized URL - completely private and password protected - that leads to the webpage that your family and friends will access to watch you go down the aisle. Our discrete micro-team shoots your ceremony to the same DMS quality that you’ve come to expect, while a technical director works our switchboard; switching between camera angles in real time. We are the only company in the wedding industry to take it to this level. We are offering a redundancy quad bonded, HD professional live stream on a private web page, with up to 3 camera positions available for our clients. Those who receive an invite to view your live stream simply follow the URL and click play. After the ceremony, you have the ability to interact and instant message your virtual guests. In addition to being able to view your wedding live online, you can also watch the broadcast again and again afterwards. As all the footage from your day is streamed as well as recorded, an edit of your entire wedding still remains an option.

Photo of Darren Sager.
Darren Sager.President & CEO
DMS Video Productions

We have had to re-think what it means to film an event in the midst of a pandemic. We have expanded and modified our services to be more in line with the shifting demand of Clients. We have reorganized our packages to include shorter, simpler film packages for micro weddings, and we're now offer live streaming services with real time editing and interactive platforms for viewer participation. We have also collaborated with local public institutions to produce interactive live streaming for fundraising events. Strict protocols have been implemented around PPE for crew, including disinfecting all gear before and after events, mandatory masks, and all crew are required to fill out a COVID-19 questionnaire to ensure that they are symptom free.

Photo of Luis Moreira
Luis MoreiraPartner, DOP & Creative Director
Images Life Media

WeDo Photography & Video

To adjust our services to the current COVID-19 climate, we have purchased the Panasonic HSC2000. It has 4x optical zoom, 4K high-precision face detection AF/ 5-axis image stabilization, 120 fps super slow motion. This camera allows us to stay at the back of the ceremony and still have the ability to zoom into faces and record every teardrop. The camera records in professional 4K delivering the best image your eyes can see. The image stabilization prevents and shaky footage. The super slow motion is limitless in helping us tell your story. This camera even provides wireless live streaming to Facebook and YouTube.

We wear custom masks with our company logo clearly identifying us as the videographers. Most of our videographers are certified drone pilots. This gives us the ability to record your entrance and exit of your ceremony without ever getting close to your or your guests. Once your video is edited, we provide you with a secured link for instant viewing. We then mail you a copy on USB and your choice of Blu Ray or DVD.

Photo of Daniel Royer
Daniel RoyerVideographer
WeDo Photography & Video

As many guests can no longer attend the wedding in person, we are offering our clients the ability to live stream their ceremony & reception. Also, we are able to deliver the edited videos for our clients in a one to three week time frame at the moment because most of our 2020 weddings have been postponed to 2021. With the reduced amount of weddings we have for this year, we are able to focus more on the weddings we have left and deliver our work a lot more faster.

Photo of Yang W.
Yang W.Producer & Project Coordinator
SDE Weddings

Quarum Photo & Video Inc.

We are offering live broadcasts for indoor micro weddings or outdoor ceremonies. We have been doing this since April of this year! We provide the client with a live link where they can join a few hours before the event and this link can be passed around worldwide. We also offer a professional sound technician that will be on site to avoid any headaches. The finished product will be saved on a USB for client access. As a bonus, we have exclusivity to a professional DJ company which can assist in background music and announcements. We can also provide a microphone with speakers for the guests to be able to hear the vows in an outdoor setting.

Photo of Mark Piotrowski
Mark PiotrowskiOwner | Photographer
Quarum Photo + Video

Key West Video Inc.

We are offering live streaming services and animation for COVID-19 weddings & events. In terms of animation we're offering explainer animations, whiteboard animations and 3D animations. For live streaming services, we're offering webinars, e-learning, and virtual events. We're also still doing testimonials, studio rentals, product video and promo videos with several COVID-19 precautions in place, we won't be sacrificing quality or safety.

Photo of Stuart Steinberg
Stuart SteinbergOwner/Senior Producer
Key West Video