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Jessica Lisi Events is a Wedding Planner located in Toronto, Ontario. Browse their 2 blog posts.

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Tania Ferreirinha

December 2020

When I first met Jessica, it was 2019 and we were in the beginning stages of planning our wedding for August 28, 2020. When the spread of COVID started to gain traction, we decided to postpone our event to June 25, 2021 as we have very large families overseas and they were not going to be able to join us on our original wedding day... finally, in mid-November we decided that we had no guarantees that things would be better for our June date and decided we didnt want to wait and began planning for a wedding on December 12, 2020. Yes, we decided to plan a wedding in less than a month. Jessica was the first person I contacted as our initial meeting had been so pleasant and gave us so much information. Not only were we planning a wedding in less than a month but I had also recently started a new job and was unable to take ANY time off to plan asides from two days before our wedding. I genuinely dont think our day would have happened without Jessicas help. Im pretty sure I texted her in the span of three weeks more than her family has in her whole life, seriously hahahaha. She really did become like a sister to me throughout the process, we would joke, she would tell me honestly when I was being irrational, she calmed me down when I was freaking out over not knowing what to do or what was left to plan, she answered every single phone call no matter the time of day and answered every single question openly and honestly. Being so busy with work I almost never had time to catch up on the news and hear of COVID related updates from the government and she always kept me informed of everything that could play a factor in the safety and legality of our day. In the middle of planning our city went into lockdown which was the original place we were planning our reception and we were able to find alternative places and change our guest count. She was the most helpful aspect of wedding planning, she even screened our guests and took temperatures at our (very) small reception we held on families land, and even went out to buy coffee for our reception. She coordinated a very special surprise for my husband and I with my sister (my maid of honour) that he and I still cry about, found vendors with a weeks notice in the middle of a pandemic (no small feat) and was able to remedy any and every curveball thrown our way (and believe me, there were many. The three weeks we were planning felt like a year to me, and the bulk of planning happened literally a week before our wedding). We are still planning on proceeding with our event next year should the current global situation allow us to where well do a renewal of our vows and the original reception weve been planning since 2019 and Jessica is actually already hired by us for month of coordination for that event. We cant wait and know that if we were able to hold such a successful day after planning for only a few weeks that the day weve been planning for almost two years will go off without a hitch and be absolutely perfect. Also Jess, if youre reading this.... Thanks for everything future neighbour ;)

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