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August 2018

My husband and I had booked Zerlene after a recommendation from our friend who had worked with her. We were beyond pleased with everything. She was able to alleviate all of our stresses leading up to the wedding and help take care of everything, allowing us to fully enjoy our big day. Overall, we had an absolutely fantastic experience!

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August 2018

Zerlene made our special day seamless and serene. My husband and I are very particular people and it was hard to picture placing our wedding plans into somebody's hands. Once we spoke with Zerlene these worries amongst others melted away. We spoke with a few other wedding planners and they seemed to add to our stress while Zerlene problem solved with us quickly and efficiently! Her way of communicating with vendors and pulling the day together is top notch. We got amazing vendor recommendations from her! We we blown away with quality and price of these vendors in comparison to the research we did ourselves. She was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding and I would not hesitate to recommend her to my family and friends.

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August 2018

We had a great experience with Zerlene at Impressario. After our first meeting, she sent us a document with a long list of questions about our wedding - things that we had never thought of! Answering those questions ended up saving us a lot of hassle in the long run.

She was super helpful throughout the planning process, and having her running the show on the day of our wedding was a huge weight off, knowing that we didn't have to worry about things going smoothly. Best money we spent. Highly recommend Zerlene!

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August 2018

We know of Zerlene through my sister in law’s friends Anna and Sonam. They were very happy with her at impresario events. We still reached out to other wedding planners to compare but after meeting each one of them, we found the confidence to trust our wedding to Zerlene. And indeed she DELIVERED.
We live in the US and we have to do everything by phone or mail and she was on top of it. Every email was answered on time and she don’t mind having skype to talk to us if we have concerns and questions. Whenever we are on town, all meeting have been taken care of and all we have to do is to be there. Like our expectations, she did all the vendors and event research, made all the appointments, bargain packages, keep track of budget and payments, did all the communications and coordination, managed the ever changing wedding day itinerary, and just in overall she really did take off a lot of stress on me (the bride).
Zerlene had a lot of vendor contacts which we like a lot because it gave us options based on our preferences and budget. She worked a lot with these people and they gave us good discounts and services because of her and most importantly she knew that they will do a good job at our wedding. And yes they did. We were very happy with all the vendors she referred to us that we wouldn’t have known if not because of her. She gave us her true opinion and advice on many different things and I believed that it made our wedding a lot more to what we like.
The wedding day in itself couldn’t have gone more smoothly than I expected. My husband and I kept telling each other that we never thought our wedding day would go by so well. Yes we have everything all planned out in paper and we did the rehearsal 3 days before but we never think that it will be perfect. Everything was taken care of and everything went by EXACTLY as I wanted it to be. It was the PERFECT wedding. I was able to really enjoy the wedding day with my family and friends and I have nothing to worry about. Everybody had a great time at the wedding.
If you want to have a stress free wedding, I would highly recommend Zerlene.

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Erin Mills Limo

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Zerlene is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is detailed, organized and very professional which helps to ensure drivers are provided an accurate outline of how the day will run.

Zerlene ensures all itineraries are provided well in advance and communicates all changes with the booking agent so we are all on the same page.

We look forward to working with Zerlene in the near future.

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